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cPanel 101: How to Upload Content via Web Disk

Posted by Alex on 21 03 2017.

Managing a website can be a very tedious task for web hosts as there are a lot of activities involved. The use of cPanel is an extremely useful program that most website owners utilize today because it simply makes web hosting a simple and easy task. The Control Panel user interface is a user-friendly program where website building and creating email domains can be achieved in a matter of minutes. One very crucial activity in creating a website is uploading content or information that the virtual public can access. Uploading content via cPanel often requires the use of Web Disk to make the uploading process more efficient and effective. Here is a guide on how to upload content via Web Disk.


Step 1 – Accessing the Web Disk Option in cPanel


The first step of uploading content via Web Disk in cPanel is to first log on to your cPanel account. Once logged in, you will be directed to the cPanel interface where you have a multitude of options. Go to the Files section of the interface where you have options such as File Manager, Images, and Web Disk to name a few. Click on the Web Disk icon to begin.


Step 2 – Managing the Web Disk Option


Once you click on the Web Disk icon, you will be directed to the Web Disk interface where you can manage files accordingly. To manage Web Disk, you will have to access the Main Web Disk Account (?). If you plan to use a non-secure connection through recent Windows versions, you will need to select the Enable Digest Authentication option then click Ok.


Step 3 – Creating a New Web Disk Account


If you plan to create a new Web disk account, scroll down on the Web Disk page to see the Create an Additional Web Disk Account. Underneath this section you will see Username, Domain, Password, and Password (Again) windows. Fill these windows with the right information.


Reminder: Many times the customized password that you enter may not be unique enough to ensure total protection. In the event that you password is considered too weak, there is a “password generator” feature available that will compose a safe password for you to use. Keep in mind that you will need to write down the generated password so that you do not forget it when you once again log on to your cPanel.


Step 4 – Customizing the Create an Additional Web Disk Account


After your password has been generated, you will now be able to customize your new Web Disk account by choosing between Read-Write or Read Only options. You will also be able to Enable a Digest Authentication if you wish to do so. After completing all the boxes, click on the Create button located underneath the page. This should direct you to a confirmation page that informs you that your new Web Disk account has been successfully created.