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cPanel 101: How to Set Up an Email Account for Your Existing Website

Posted by Alex on 14 04 2017.

As cPanel allows individuals or organizations to create websites that feature their products, services, and other offerings on a worldwide scale, it is imperative that separate email accounts based on their domain name. With many website owners, looking professional is a very important factor at being able to sell their products or services. If a person conducts business by using Gmail or Yahoo as their official email address, they may not be viewed as legitimate or as professional as those who have email accounts under the same website name. To create a separate email under your website’s domain name, here is an effective step-by-step process that will help.


Step 1 – Gain Access to your cPanel Mail Feature


In order to gain access to your cPanel Mail Feature you must log on to your cPanel account. Once logged in, scroll down to the Mail group that contains features such as Email Accounts, Webmail, and Forwarders among others. Click on the Email Accounts icon to get started.


Next, you will need to fill out the following boxes with your preferred information. These boxes are:


  • Email
  • Password
  • Password (again)
  • Mailbox Quota


After you have filled out all require information, click on the Create Account button to complete the process.




Oftentimes the password that you enter may not be approved by the system because the passwords accepted have to be extremely secure and unique. For this reason, it is recommended that you use the Password generator feature to generate a 100% safe and unique password. Keep in mind to write this password down for future use.


Step 2 – Customizing Your Email Account


Once you have completed creating an email address, you will need to scroll down the Click on the Email Accounts page to verify if your newly created email account is on the list. Once you have spotted your new email address, you will need to customize it according to your preferences.


The first customization that you will need to address is the Mailbox Quota which controls the amount of words that you can send. A recommended action to take is to select the Unlimited box as you can send emails with no word count restriction.


The next customization that you will need to consider is clicking on the More button as it offers two essential customizations. These are: Access Webmail and Configure Email Client options.


Step 3 – Configure Email Client


The final step of creating an email address for your existing website is to click on the Configure Email Client button. This will take you into three groups:


  • Auto Configuration Scripts. This allows you to select the platform by which you access and control your emailing with options that include Outlook, Windows Live Mail, and Mac OS.


  • Manual Settings. Manual configuration allows you to add other mobile devices that control your emailing such as tablets and smart phones.