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cPanel 101: How to Efficiently Utilize cPanel Mailing Lists

Posted by Alex on 12 04 2017.

One of the more utilized cPanel features for most experienced users is the cPanel Mailing list. With more and more websites being created today through cPanel’s easy-to-use website builders, website administrators must create website-specific email accounts to gather client’s information and create mailing lists. Through a mailing list, a website can earn more traffic as they inform their target audience of any new product, service, and any type of new offering. Creating a mailing list via cPanel is a very easy process that requires a few steps. These steps are as follows:


Step 1 – Log in to Your Domain Specific Email Account


To gain access to your email account, you must first log in to your cPanel. Once inside the application, scroll down to the Email group where there are features such as: Email Accounts, Forwarders, and MX Entry among others. Select the Mailing List feature to gain access inside.


Step 2 – Create a Mailing Lists


Once you have clicked the Select the Mailing List feature, you will be directed to a Create a Mailing List window that has multiple boxes such as List Name, Domain, and Password. Next, you will be given two options of Access Type: Public and Private. Click on the option that meets your preference. Once completed, press the Add button to complete the process.


You will be then directed towards a confirmation page that informs you that your mailing list has been successfully created.


The system will also send you an email complete with the email list settings, password, and other administration information.




Many times the password that you generate may not be safe enough to password protect your mailing list. On the right side of the boxes is a Password Generator that you can use to generate a 100% safe password. It is essential that you write down the generated password for future use.


Step 3 – Delegating Your Mailing List


As managing a mailing list may be a very tedious process, administrators may need an extra set of hands to help. For this reason, many administrators delegate the mailing list by adding more administrators. To delegate, you will need to go back to the Create a Mailing List window where you must scroll down to see the created mailing list. Click on the list to gain access inside.


Next, click on the Delegation button beside the list name to enter the Delegation window. You will then see two boxes. One on the left containing multiple email addresses of your coworkers and one to right that is empty. To add administrators, simply click on an email address on the left box then click the right arrow to add. You will now be able to delegate responsibility of administrating the mailing list to other co-workers.


To complete the process, click on the Save button located below to finish the process of creating a mailing list for your website.