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cPanel 101: How to Effectively Track Email Deliveries

Posted by Alex on 17 02 2017.

For those looking to create websites to sell a product or service, using cPanel is a wonderful tool that will help you at web hosting. Control Panel interface is a fantastic program that arms you with the capability to do search engine optimization to add on ecommerce to your web hosting as well as creating email addresses for your website. With many websites, tracking email deliveries is extremely important as administrators need to record all information regularly. Tracking email deliveries is very easy through cPanel and here is a useful guide that may help.


Why Track Email Delivery?


The emails that your servers send and receive are extremely important to track because many times, users encounter problems such as wrongly configured filters, corrupt email addresses, and overly aggressive spam filters. With cPanel’s track delivery interface, you can diagnose and resolve these kinds of issues.


How to Track Email Deliveries


Step 1 – Logging in to Email Delivery Tracking


Upon opening your cPanel, you can use email trackers in the interface to effectively track emails. Once logged in, scroll down to the email group where you see many options such as Email Accounts, Forwarders, and Track Delivery among others. Click on the Track Delivery option to get started.


Step 2 – Track all Mail


Once you have selected the Track Delivery option, you will be taken to the track delivery interface where there are Show All and Show Blocked and Failed buttons. Click on the Show All button to track all sent and received emails. Once clicked on, you will be able to see all emails collected in table format at the bottom of the page.


Step 3 – Managing Track Email Delivery


Through cPanel, managing Track Email Delivery is such a simple and easy activity because the interface offers multiple options on how to manage email tracking. You will be able to filter results according to your preferences as the Table of tracked emails has many options such as being able navigate through the multiple pages of emails. You will also be able to filter the table with the following options:


  • Show Successes
  • Show Deferred
  • Show Failures
  • Show In-Progress




  • The Green checks represent emails that were accepted buy another recipient.
  • The Emails with a red icon represent the failed email deliveries.
  • Licking the icon in the right most side of the email track delivery tables, you will be able to access a window that gives you complete information about any specific email.
  • To further manage your email tracking, there is a hamburger icon that you click on the right side of the table. This will allow you to further customize the table of email track deliveries.


Step 4 – Resetting the Columns to Default


With many users who are dissatisfied with their customizations, there is a Reset to default button under all the options under the hamburger icon. This will reset the customization to default settings so that you may once again customize the table to your preferences.