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How to Control the Emails Your Server Sends

Posted by Alex on 30 01 2017.

Did you know that with cPanel, you can control all the emails your server sends? That’s right. You can even create rules for mail filter via the Mailing Lists interface of cPanel.

To go to the Mailing Lists interface, just head to Home, then Mail, and finally, Mailing Lists. Here, you will find options for Mail filters, which enables you to control the email messages your server sends out. To configure the email messages your server sends to all your mailing list, just use head to the interface for Mailman’s Spam filters. To do this, just click on the button named “Manage link.” Make sure that you click on the button for the appropriate mailing list you want to make changes to.

Important Reminders about the Mailman’s Spam Filters Feature

When you want to use the Mailman’s Spam Filters feature, it will require you to have the Apache SpamAssassin enabled. To do this for your cPanel account, head to Home, Mail, and Apache SpamAssassin. In the SpamAssassin interface, locate the option for enabling the service, and click on it.

When you want to go to the Mailman’s Spam filters interface, click on the option labelled “Manage” for the appropriate mailing list you want to make revisions to.

Creating Mail Filter Rules for your Mailing lists

In order for you to edit the number and the emails your mailing lists deliver, you should create mail filter rules. You will find the option for this under the “Header filters” section, which you can find under the Spam filters interface. Once you have the Spam filters interface open, proceed with these steps:

  1. Enter a regex (regular expression) in the text box for Spam Filter Rule 1.

Make sure that the regex you key matches the messages where the rule applies on. An example regex is “X-Spam-Status:\s+Yes”. This regex will apply to all messages that the SpamAssassin service considers as spam. How many plus sign characters (+) you put will tell the Apache SpamAssassin how it should score the potential spam emails. The Apache SpamAssassin will then include information in the header of all mail messages that it has already reviewed.

From here, you can utilize to information to determine the correct mail filters you should use.

  1. Choose your preferred actions that Mailman will perform for the matching filter.

In the “Next to Action” window, you will find several different actions you can select depending on your preferences. Mailman will perform the actions you choose on the messages your mail account sends out, as long as they match the filter.

Below is a list of these options as well as their corresponding actions:

  • Defer – Choosing this will disable the email filter rule.
  • Hold – Selecting this will direct Mailman to put messages matching your filter rule on hold until an authorized person (moderator) approves it.
  • Reject – When you choose this option, Mailman will reject all the messages matching your filter rule.
  • Discard – Choose this and Mailman will delete all the messages matching your filter rule.
  • Accept – Mailman will accept all the messages matching your filter rules when you choose this option.


  1. Click on the option for “Submit Your Changes”.

This is the last step to create a filter rule for your emails and mailing lists.