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How to Configure your Server to Optimize Web Content?

Posted by Allura on 02 03 2018.

A Brief Overview:

Optimize Website is an interface that permits you to configure your server to automatically compress identified types of content when visitors come to access that very content.

Please note that the system administrator settings must be enabled for mod_deflate  Apache module so that Optimize Website appears in cPanel.

How to Manage Compression?

You need to perform the following steps in order to disable the compression of your website’s content:

  • Click Disabled.
  • Select Update Settings.


You need to perform the following steps to compress all the content of your website:

  • Select Compress all content.
  • Click Update Settings.


You need to perform the following steps to specify a list of types of content to compress:

  • Select the Compress the specified MIME types
  • In the MIME types text box, enter a list that is space-separated of the kinds of content that you want to compress (for instance, text/HTML text/plain text/XML).
  • Click on Update Settings.

How to Use Optimize Website Feature

Primary Requirements:

  • Access to your cPanel.
  • mod_deflate Apache module enabled.


Step 1: How to access the Optimize Website tool:

Enter your cPanel. Next, you can either use the search feature or even manually find out the Optimize Website tool.


Step 2 – How to Work with the Optimize Website tool?

  • You can choose the compression option with the following instructions :
  • Disabled – Disabled will just disable this feature and will not perform any compression action tall.
  • Compress All Content- This will compress the content of your website.
  • Compress the specified MIME types – This will allow you to choose what kind of content that will be compressed.


Step 3 – Enter the space separated list of the content that you want to compress. The MIME types field permits you to specify what kind of content or files that you wish to be compressed.


Step 4 – After you have made your choice, click on Update Settings to apply the settings you have created. You should be able to see this confirmation message after doing that if you have followed all the steps correctly.


“Website optimization preferences updated. Content compression is now enabled. Content compression is now enabled for all content.”



The Optimize Website of cPanel is one such feature which comes handy if you intend to offer a slightly faster and better browsing experience to visitors. The content of the website is compressed before it is sent to the visitor’s browser.