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Choosing a Dedicated cPanel Instead

Posted by Jeff on 29 01 2016.

The control panel interface offers many technical benefits to website owners who enjoy developing their sites. Some cPanels offer more security, and depending on the kind of website and the needs of the site, they are the better choice. In the case of websites that need more security and privacy, there is a dedicated cPanel option. A graphical web based management tool designed to make the administration of websites as simple as possible with the help of things like addons, simplified strategies of organization, and helpful technical assistance with the support of our BuycPanel support team. They are here to help you along the way, 24/7. Get the facts and invest in your website to get the most potential out of it.

dedicated cPanel option

What makes cPanel so handy?

Web builders around the world make the most of their server and website capabilities with little resources. Why do that when they can get the most out of their website’s capabilities with a dedicated cPanel that organizes apps and addons at the click of a finger? It takes less than 30 seconds to get the business booming through a powerful and effective website interface. The sever prevents hackers from wrecking all the hard work that web builders have invested in their sites, but it also adds pizzazz to the appearance and overall interactive abilities of it. Choose from a variety of cPanel addons to make your website different from the rest, in other words, stand out.

cPanel Safety

With a variety of different hosting options it is also quite important to stay safe on the World Wide Web. One of the many reasons we recommend a cPanel license to go along with the dedicated cPanel is to ensure 100 percent security to protect all your hard work. A cPanel license creates a bubble that shelters the website from hackers or Internet predators who are looking to acquire your network password and compromise the integrity of the efforts of your website and business. Keep away from such trouble by investing in the right cPanel license, which is dependent upon the needs of the business and website. You get the advantage of complete isolation and security with a dedicated cPanel, with no need to share a server with other web builders.


A dedicated cPanel gives hardworking business owners and website constructors the key to building a unique website. As mentioned above, the different kinds of addons can make the difference between an appealing website theme on the main page and one that simply looks like all the rest. The best way to gain a client’s respect is to have a presentable online business face through an interactive and consistent layout that suits the needs of not just the business owner, but the clientele as well. Some of these addons include RVSkin, RVSite Builder, Softaculous and more!

Check out the many different ways that a dedicated cPanel can change the way you think about growing your business. Small details can make a large difference in the eyes of partners and clients. You may be too focused on the growth of your business to realize the small details along the way, and this is when BuycPanel and our 24/7 support staff comes in to help.