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Chaining Backup Jobs with JetBackup

Posted by Allura on 27 04 2018.

Basics of Backup Jobs

The requirement for recovering computer data encouraged the way for quality Backup Jobs. Usually, this is done or chained with a specific Backup Application. The entire process takes place according to the data retention policy set by the user.

Scheduling Backup Jobs with JetBackup

With JetBackup, backing up data on computer has become easy. The job may be placed and timed according to the user’s requirement. Here are different ways through which one can schedule a backup with the help of JetBackup

  • Hourly – The task of data backup will be done after the exact number of hours that has been determined by the user – for instance, 5 hours or 7 hours.
  • Daily – The user can schedule the process on a daily or day-to-day basis. This option ensures executing the process of backing up once in a day. The users can fix any specific day of the week when he/she wants the backup process to be executed.
  • Weekly – With this option, the backup will be done once in a week. Users may choose any specific day of the week to do the backup job.
  • Monthly – This option takes the backup once in a month. Like daily and weekly options, the users can choose any specific day of the month to take the backup as per their convenience.
  • After another job is done – This entirely depends on the finish time of the other job. Backup process will initiate only after another job is done. It also allows the users to set ‘delay’ option for minutes prior to the main job starts.
  • Another cPanel job is done – Once the backup system of cPanel is done and this option is chosen, users can set ‘delay’ in minutes option to wait prior to initiating.

With JetBackup, taking backup of computer data has become faster, easier and simpler than ever before.