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How to Block Attacks with Easy Apache 4’s mod_evasive?

Posted by Allura on 2019/10/16.

Introduction The mod_evasive Apache module is provided by EasyApache 4  released on the 7th of November, 2017.What Is Mod_evasive? This Apache module helps to protect one’s server against the vicious attacks of DoS, DDoS. This module works even as a detection tool and one can design it to establish a communication with…

What is the VirtFS Jailed Shell?

Posted by Allura on 2019/10/15.

Introduction The cPanel & WHM makes use of VirtFS in providing a jailed shell environment. It is for the users who connect via SSH to a server. This shell acts as a container for the user and prevents the user to access other users’ home directories on the server.A jailed…

What is the cPanelsync.exclude file?

Posted by Allura on 2019/10/14.

Introduction cPanel serves as an excellent control panel. However, it so happens that a significant drawback of the interface is that configurational settings and changes are overwritten after each upgrade that occurs. As the user, you can make use of the /etc/cpanelsync.exclude file to avoid updates to the cPanel-distributed files. One…

What is cPanel Plug-in File Generator

Posted by Allura on 2019/10/11.

As the name suggests, the cPanel plug-in file generator is a very handy tool in cPanel, WHM or webmail. The cPanel interface is that of a paper lantern theme and the plug-in file generator Will generate A plug-in installation of the file that you wish to create. The interface is…

How to use Leech Protection Interface?

Posted by Allura on 2019/10/10.

Introduction This feature is for cPanel and WHM version 68. One needs to navigate to(cPanel >> Home >> Security >> Leech Protection) for accessing this feature.The Leech Protection is a Standard Security feature offered within cPanel, to prevent users from publicly posting their passwords to a restricted area of a site. In…