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Top Antispam Addons on cPanel

Posted by Allura Murray-Cruz on 2017/11/21.

Spams, viruses and malwares are nightmares for web hosting service providers. The imperious nature of viruses makes it very difficult at times to tackle them. They can do a lot of damage in a short span of time. With antispam add-ons in the picture, you can expect to be on…

The Importance Of Regular Software Updates

Posted by Allura Murray-Cruz on 2017/11/20.

  Your website isn’t a “Set it and forget it” project, it’s a work in progress and, if you’ve had it created with content management software, it’s even more important you perform regular updates on your site. Today we’ll taking a look at why this is important, and how you can…

Softaculous Vs. Fantastico

Posted by Allura Murray-Cruz on 2017/11/17.

Softaculous and Fantastico both provide commercial script libraries, which help you to automate the web applications on your website. A lot of comparison is done online on the two programs. They both have many things common in their offering yet there are many differences. In the wake of choosing one,…

Server Administration Services By

Posted by Allura Murray-Cruz on 2017/11/16.

There are many servers running on Cpanel. Techies pose a lot of conundrums while dealing with day to day management of these servers on Cpanel. Mycpadmin provides all the solutions concerned with servers running on cPanel control panel software. Whether it is a complicated issue or a simple one, Mycpadmin…

A Seamless Way to Manage a Smooth DNS Transfer

Posted by Allura Murray-Cruz on 2017/11/15.

Moving DNS from one provider to other is generally done as a last resort, the reason being that this can cause some downtime. Nobody likes downtimes, especially frustrated clients, continuous phone calls or pile of tickets due to downtime. We will use the terms old DNS and new DNS. Lets run through…