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Steps to use the ‘Removeacct Script’ to Terminate cPanel Accounts

Posted by Allura on 2019/09/19.

Introduction The removeacct script is for cPanel and WHM version 68. From the command line, the /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/removeacct script terminates the cPanel accounts.Warning:As a warning, it should be kept in mind that:Firstly, this script erases all the information for an account. So one should make sure to completely erase or delete…

How can you see the Historical View on Sent Summary?

Posted by Allura on 2019/09/18.

Introduction: NOTE – This article is only for cPanel and WHM version 66 users. (Home > Email > View Sent Summary)This feature will measure the total number of messages each domain on your server attempted to deliver over a specified period of time and data range. It will display the number of…

Important News from BuycPanel

Posted by BuycPanel Sales on 2019/09/17.

Steps to Configure the Blackberry Fast Mail Service

Posted by Allura on 2019/09/17.

Overview Important: This administration is just accessible in cPanel’s belittled x3 theme. The BlackBerry Fast Mail administration does not exist in Paper Lantern.The BlackBerry® FastMail administration enables you to get uninvolved email reports on your BlackBerry gadget. This implies when you get a new message in your inbox, your BlackBerry gadget…

How to Install or Update PostgreSQL on your cPanel Server?

Posted by Allura on 2019/09/16.

Introduction This particular document aims to explain the procedure for installation or update of PostgreSQL® on a server to an experienced PostgreSQL database administrator.It is to be noted that we support only the versions of PostgreSQL that the user installs with /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/installpostgres script. Thus, cPanel and WHM operate well with the…