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Difference between Cloud Hosting and VPS Hosting

Posted by Allison on 2017/08/16.

Lately, a lot of people have been asking us which is better to use: VPS hosting or Cloud Hosting. The truth is that you really don’t have to choose one of them because you can actually use both at the same time. Nowadays, you can host your Virtual Private Server in…

Parking a Domain in cPanel

Posted by Allison on 2017/08/15.

As the saying goes, the more the merrier. It is basically the same principle that some website owners and administrators apply when they decide to use more than one domain name to represent their websites. As you may already know, some websites use more than one domain name to point to…

The Firewall: An Important Network Protection Tool

Posted by Allison on 2017/08/14.

As you might have noticed, we have featured a lot of articles regarding server security on our blog site. The reason for this is that we want you to be informed about the different server protection tools and techniques that you can use to prevent unauthorized access and malicious software…

How to Manually Create a Database in cPanel

Posted by Allison on 2017/08/11.

Each time a website is created, whether for personal or business use, an accompanying database must also be formed to keep data and information for that site. Luckily, website databases are mostly automatically generated, thanks to those auto-installer applications and scripts supplied by various website building software that we use…

How to Perform a Full cPanel Backup of Your Website

Posted by Allison on 2017/08/10.

It is always wise to create a copy or save important files on your website before making any changes that may affect its layout and performance. You would not want to accidentally delete any files or distort the appearance of your site without having any means of recovering it. Fortunately,…