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Android Devices: Now Compatible with cPanel Email Account

Posted by Alex Levin on 2017/01/23.

cPanel user and Android device user? Then you should know that you can now check your cPanel email account via your Android devices. Before, with a new Android device, the first thing it will ask you is to add a Gmail account. Doing so will allow you to receive and…

The SSH Log In Credentials via the Command Line: What You Need to Know

Posted by Alex Levin on 2017/01/20.

There are many different ways you can access your cPanel & WHM as well as your Webmail accounts. For cPanel & WHM, you can input four different types of service URLs (with varying codes depending on which service you would like to access), via the cPanel & WHM account, opt…

All About Domains

Posted by Alex Levin on 2017/01/19.

 A domain name refers to the identification string defining a network of administrative autonomy, control, or authority within the Internet. When creating a domain, you need to abide by the rules and regulations set by the Domain Name System (DNS). All DNS-registered names are domain names.   In cPanel, you will find…

Do You Know Who Your Hosting Provider Is?

Posted by Alex Levin on 2017/01/18.

A lot of cPanel users contact the support department every year for help or inquiries when it comes to their account. The thing is, most of these questions and problems are within the responsibility of the web hosting provider of the cPanel account user. But what if you do not know…

Preventing Spam in Failed and Deferred Outgoing Messages

Posted by Alex Levin on 2017/01/17.

When you navigate to the “Mail” menu of your WHM account, you will find there the “Tweak Settings” interface. You can get to this interface by simply going to “Home,” then “Server Configuration,” and lastly, “Tweak Settings.” Under the “Tweak Settings” interface, you will find five different options with various functions,…