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Monitor Your Server with the Best cPanel Monitoring Service

Posted by Allen on 2017/05/22.

  Network and server monitoring are crucial to web hosting success. In fact, it is an embarrassment to your company when customers know of the downtime before you do. Imagine getting hundreds of emails from your customers saying that their websites are down. It’s not a good feeling, and it makes you…

Five Ways to Prevent Email Abuse in a cPanel Server

Posted by Allen on 2017/05/20.

There are more than 200 billion emails sent every day. From out-of-office notifications to billing summaries, emails are transferred across servers. And while most of these emails remain protected and secured when they reach their intended recipients, we know that there will always be instances when some of these electronic…

The Pros and Cons of cPanel

Posted by Allen on 2017/05/19.

cPanel, the Linux-based web hosting control panel launched in 1996, has remained the top choice of system administrators through the years. And it’s not that hard to understand why. This platform provides users with an intuitive graphical interface, and basically simplifies the web hosting process. cPanel has greatly benefited small firms…

How Reseller Hosting Works

Posted by Allen on 2017/05/17.

Have you heard of reseller hosting? This arrangement could prove to be beneficial to you if you have purchased web hosting services from a parent web hosting firm, and you feel that you can allocate some of your resources to another party. Doesn’t that sound enticing? You can share some of…

Five Advantages of cPanel Web Hosting

Posted by Allen on 2017/05/17.

cPanel is a widely-used web hosting control panel. Based on the Linux operating system, it boasts of powerful features that yield a lot of benefits to its end users like web hosting clients and system administrators. More than 20 years since its release in 1996, cPanel remains very popular. This can…