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Tips in Choosing a Web Hosting Company

Posted by Allison on 2017/06/23.

Are you shopping for a web hosting provider? With the many web hosting companies available, it can be really confusing to pick just one web host. Web hosting services are available in a wide range of prices. The really cheap ones can be availed of for a few dollars a month,…

Understanding Web Host Managers

Posted by Allison on 2017/06/22.

If you are new to website hosting, one of the first few terms that you will have to get acquainted with is web host manager or WHM. But what exactly is WHM and what can it do to you? Is it the same as a cPanel? This article has the…

How to Set Up Your Own Professional Email Account

Posted by Allison on 2017/06/21.

Everyone knows the importance of having a good domain name for a website. It gives a unique identity to a website.  Think of it as like your business card. With a good domain name, you are giving a good impression to people who visit your site. A good domain name is…

How Reseller Hosting Works

Posted by Allison on 2017/06/19.

Have you heard of reseller hosting? This arrangement could prove to be beneficial to you if you have purchased web hosting services from a parent web hosting firm, and you feel that you can allocate some of your resources to another party. Doesn’t that sound enticing? You can share some of…

Five Advantages of cPanel Web Hosting

Posted by Allison on 2017/06/16.

cPanel is a widely-used web hosting control panel. Based on the Linux operating system, it boasts of powerful features that yield a lot of benefits to its end users like web hosting clients and system administrators. More than 20 years since its release in 1996, cPanel remains very popular. This can…