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Archiving Emails: 3 Webmail Interfaces for cPanel and How to Set them Up

Posted by Alex Levin on 2017/03/24.

With cPanel, you can archive your emails through three different webmail interfaces, namely: Horde, Roundcube, and SquirrelMail.   Before you set them up though, you may have to first perform some steps in the webmail app so you can see folders containing archived mails or those that Apache SpamAssassin has filtered.   Setting Up…

Fully Protecting Your cPanel Through Directory Protection

Posted by Alex Levin on 2017/03/23.

For those running websites, cPanel is a great way to manage all facets of your webpage without having to be formally trained in programming or coding. cPanel is a graphical user-interface program where users can create WordPress documents, email accounts, domains, and eCommerce among others. To ensure that your cPanel…

Five Ways to Minimize the Effects of the Low Canadian Dollar on Your Business

Posted by Alex Levin on 2017/03/22.

With the current economic state in Canada, it seems that the Loonie is getting weaker and weaker when compared to the U.S Dollar. This economic state is what is causing many small and big businesses to have difficulties in lowering the price of their products and services to their customers.…

cPanel 101: How to Upload Content via Web Disk

Posted by Alex Levin on 2017/03/21.

Managing a website can be a very tedious task for web hosts as there are a lot of activities involved. The use of cPanel is an extremely useful program that most website owners utilize today because it simply makes web hosting a simple and easy task. The Control Panel user…

Managing File Permissions Using cPanel’s File Manager Tool

Posted by Alex Levin on 2017/03/20.

Permissions are important in website hosting. In your account, a file or a directory/folder has permissions that control who will be able to read, write, and execute it. When you create a file, its permissions are set to default. Typically, users don’t have to change permissions but there are instances…