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Getting to Know Attracta SEO Tools Better for cPanel Users

Posted by Alex Levin on 2017/02/22.

As most existing businesses and new business ventures need a website to attract more traffic and commerce, all website hosts must already be using cPanel. cPanel or Control Panel is the best program to utilize in running a website because it allows website owners the ability to better market and…

Setting Up Basic Configurations for Your cPanel Account

Posted by Alex Levin on 2017/02/21.

One of the sections you need to learn more about when it comes to setting up your cPanel & WHM account is the Basic Config menu. Here, you can configure IPv4 address so that you can share IPv4 virtual host to selecting the default WebMail theme and many others.   To give…

The In-Depth Guide to Getting WordPress for Your cPanel

Posted by Alex Levin on 2017/02/20.

Did you know that you can get WordPress, an online an open source PHP-written creation tool, for your cPanel account? Nowadays, it has gained so much popularity that many people consider it as the most powerful, easiest-to-use, and most efficient management systems for both blogs and entire websites. Best of…

cPanel 101: How to Effectively Track Email Deliveries

Posted by Alex Levin on 2017/02/17.

For those looking to create websites to sell a product or service, using cPanel is a wonderful tool that will help you at web hosting. Control Panel interface is a fantastic program that arms you with the capability to do search engine optimization to add on ecommerce to your web…

The Importance of Using Add-on Domains in cPanel

Posted by Alex Levin on 2017/02/16.

In the past, organizations that relied heavily on web hosting had to build their websites by hiring professionals who were highly skilled at coding and website programming. Today, creating and managing a website is an easy activity that almost any individual can achieve through the use of cPanel, which is…