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Four Frequently Asked Questions About Domains

Posted by Alex on 2017/11/01.

Are you a newbie to cPanel or setting up your first website? Don’t stress! We’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions about domains to help you navigate unfamiliar territory. Your domain name ( is made up of two components: the top level domain (.com) and secondary level domain (yourwebsite).…

Enhanced Security with Immunify360

Posted by Alex on 2017/10/31.

Enhanced Security features with imunify360 Add-on Immunify360 is an automated security software by CloudLinux which is a great security provider for Linux web servers for both hosting providers and their clients. It has a wider reach and is providing security to more than thousands of servers. It also uses many latest…

cPanel Email Management Guide

Posted by Alex on 2017/10/30.

cPanel features a comprehensive email management system with a user-friendly interface. You can easily create email accounts, change passwords, configure settings and access your email through web browsers using this email system. If you are looking for an email management system for your server then cPanel is the one for you.…

Easy Navigation & Operating System Support

Posted by Alex on 2017/10/27.

Of late, the intricate difficulties of web hosting and maintaining a robust online presence has been greatly reduced by cPanel, an online Linux-based web hosting tool that acts as a control panel by providing its users a graphical interface and automotive leverages that simplifies the whole process and for administrators,…

How to Check the Version of Your cPanel

Posted by Alex on 2017/10/26.

A Preface to cPanel cPanel is a web hosting control panel provided by many web hosting providers to web owners allowing them to manage their websites from a web based interface. The program forwards to the users a graphical Interface from which they can control their portion of the Linux server.…