BuycPanel Now Offering Resaleable cPanel Cloud Hosting



BuycPanel is excited to announce that we will start offering resalable cPanel cloud hosting services through our exclusive partnership with We have had many loyal customers approach us throughout the years wanting BuycPanel to offer an unbranded hosting service that they can rebrand and resell (along with licenses) to their clients. This gives our customers that ability as well as having all their hosting and software products under one roof! After searching out the right partner for over a year we have found a premium hosting solution you can be proud to offer your clients.


Here are a few features that GoVPS offers that sets them apart from the rest:


– Level 4 Data Center: Tier-1 bandwidth blend, 99.95% Uptime SLA and redundant PDU power in every rack!
– Amazing Hardware: Freakishly Fast SSD drives with Raid10, Guaranteed Ram, and Premium Dell brand servers.
– True Cloud Environment: Harnessing OnApp’s virtualization software the GoVPS environment detects and automatically restores unresponsive virtual servers to a healthy server node.


One of the best parts of this hosting partnership is that all sales, billing and support related inquires are handled by our BuycPanel customer service and support staff you have grown to know and love over time! All hosting packages come with semi-managed support for any and all cPanel related issues, backed by our 15 minute ticket responses 24/7/365.


To kick off this reseller hosting partnership we are offering FREE hosting!!! (only need to pay for cost of cPanel VPS license)


For more information or to sign up for our new hosting service using your BuycPanel current client login please visit or click on the link below:


Check out GoVPS!