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BuycPanel March 2018

Posted by Allura on 27 04 2018.

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MySQL 5.7 Coming to cPanel

The long-awaited upgrade for MySQL to 5.7 will be available starting in cPanel v70! cPanel has been pushing hard for MariaDB as an alternative in recent years, and saw it as a potential replacement for MySQL down the line. Recent updates to MySQL and an increased speed in new releases have resulted in cPanel’s decision to continue supporting MySQL and to include the 5.7 upgrade in future releases. Going forward cPanel will be releasing their own custom MySQL RPMs to help release updates more quickly. Fans of MariaDB do not need to worry, cPanel has stated that they will continue to support that database platform in the future.

For more information on MySQL 5.7 and its benefits, refer to the MySQL release notes.

So Long, SquirrelMail!


Since cPanel first introduced webmail to its users over ten years ago SquirrelMail has been bundled as one of the default available webmail applications. Unfortunately SquirrelMail has fallen far behind the times, as it has not seen an update since 2013 and has not had an official release since 2011. Due to the fact that the application is no longer maintained cPanel can no longer justify bundling it with future updates. Squirrelmail support will be deprecated as of cPanel/WHM version 74, and it is expected to be removed completely by version 78.

If you are sad to see it go, cPanel has given options for integrating custom webmail apps, so die hard fans can still install and maintain SquirrelMail themselves without much effort.

cPHulk Adds Country-Based Management

With cPanel v70 comes a revision to cPHulk that adds the ability to block login attempts by countries and regions. Now if your server is receiving suspicious logins from a particular country you can easily block all login attempts that originate from that country. This is great news for server admins who get a lot of brute force attacks from specific regions as you can now quickly shut them down from the WHM GUI. Whitelistings of individual IPs will still stay in effect once a particular country is banned, giving you greater control over who has access to login to your server.

Read more about cPHulk and its newer features in the documentation.

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