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Basic Guide in cPanel Email Management

Posted by Allen on 10 05 2017.

cPanel provides a comprehensive email management function. Users will be able to do different tasks, from creating email accounts, changing passwords, configuring email client, and accessing email from a web browser.

If you have just bought cPanel for the first time, this article will help first-time users like you in getting familiar with the email management features of cPanel.

Creating an email account


To create an email account, login to your cPanel account and go to the “Mail” section.  Click on Email accounts and enter the username that you wish to create.

You will be required to type the password in the password field, and retype the same password in the next field. There’s a Password Generator link that you can click to generate a strong password that you can use for your account.

You will then be asked to set the quota or size limit in the Mailbox Quota field. You can choose between a quota of 250 MB, or unlimited.  Quota limit defines the amount of mail measured in megabytes that can be stored in the mailbox.

Once the limit is exceeded, incoming mail won’t reach the mailbox. Instead, the mail will be returned to the sender with a notification message indicating that the mailbox of the recipient is full.

After setting the quota limit, click Create Account. Your email account has now been created.


Deleting an email account

To delete an email account, simply go to the list of email accounts and then click on the “Delete” option corresponding to the account that you want to remove.


Changing the password

While the Password Generator can give you a strong password, you can still elect your own password your emails. But there are certain things you need to keep in mind in choosing a password.

One is that the password should have at least 8 characters. It should combine upper and lower case letters, symbols, and numbers. Moreover, it should not contain dictionary words.

To change the password, simply click the “Change Password” tab which is next to the appropriate email account. Then type in your new password and re-type it again to confirm. Click Change Password to save the new password.


Configuring an email client

Configuring your email account to email clients such as Outlook or Apple Mail would let you access your email account on your PC or Mac.  You can configure an email client by first clicking on the “More Option” corresponding to your email account and then clicking on “Configure Email Client.”

Once completed, your email client should be able to open and automatically log into your email account.


Accessing webmail

This is function lets you access your email account through a web browser. Like in configuring email account, this feature is also easy to set up.


To set up this feature, click on the “More Option” button next to the appropriate email account. Select “Access Webmail” from the resulting menu, key in the correct password, and click the Log in button.


As you can see, the email management function of cPanel is pretty much straightforward. This simplicity mirrors how user-friendly cPanel is, which makes it the control panel of choice for millions of website server hosts and administrators worldwide.