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How Attracta Can Help Make cPanel Websites SEO-Ready

Posted by Alex on 27 04 2017.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of those things that website owners are conscious of when they start a website. But most of them don’t have the time to do it. Or they lack the financial resources to hire a SEO expert.

With cPanel, website owners can use certain add-ons or apps that can help them perform SEO tasks. Foremost of these apps is Attracta.

What is Attracta?

Attracta is a powerful SEO tool integrates seamless with cPanel’s web hosting control panel. Web hosting firms that offer Attracta can help their users in making their websites more SEO-friendly.

Attracta has been used by more than 3 million users worldwide in making their websites rank high in the top search engines like Google.  With Attracta, website owners can get listed in the Attracta directory, scan malware and Google blacklisting, and improve their Google search rankings.

The tool offers numerous free SEO tools that website owners can use in driving traffic to their sites. These include XML Sitemap creation and submission and link-building.

It also provides SEO tips such as creating Facebook and Twitter accounts that can boost the rankings of a website, and informative tutorials and videos.

The good news is that this tool is free—meaning that web hosting providers do not have to pay an extra fee to be able to offer Attracta to their clients.

Installing Attracta

Installing Attracta is very simple and straightforward. It should take a few minutes for website hosting providers to install this tool in their servers.  Root access to the server is needed to install Attracta to cPanel servers.

To install, log into the cPanel server via SSH and run the following commands:

wget -N


These commands should be run as root. This will facilitate downloading of the latest Attracta plugin version. Installation should follow immediately.

Once the cPanel plugin has been installed, users can log into their accounts. They will see the “Attracta SEO Tools” in their control panel, which gives them quick access to the numerous tools available from this powerful SEO plugin.

Attracta Benefits

Attracta can have lots of benefits to end users or website owners. It is the largest provider of XML Sitemaps to Google and other search engines. XML sitemaps communicate directly with Google, alerting them to new or modified content. Google, for one, updates more than 45 million blog pages using Attracta’s technology.

Thus, Attracta can help ensure website owners that their contents are indexed faster by Google and other search engines. This can translate to higher search engine rankings in the long run.

Websites listed in the Attracta Business Directory also get valuable exposure to thousands of visitors online. Website owners can also make money with Ad Dollars, with its discreet in-text advertising.

Finally, website owners who use Attracta can get access to the informative tutorials and Google videos that teach all aspects of SEO. Website owners, thus, don’t have to hire a SEO professional to optimize their websites for Google and other search engines.