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Assign IPv6 Address

Posted by Allura on 02 02 2018.


Internet Protocol (IP) is that communication protocol by which the traffic across the internet is routed. At present, Internet Traffic is carried by IPv4 (Internet Protocol Version 4). As IPv4 allows only four billion addresses, a shortage of IPv4 addresses exists and due to that prices of IPv4 addresses have risen. Now, justification and audits of IPv4 are required by IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) to reduce wastage. To solve this problem, IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6) has been introduced as the number of IPv6 addresses is exponentially higher than the IPv4 limit.


The following cPanel and WHM services support IPv6:

  • Apache
  • BIND
  • Exim
  • MyDNS
  • NSD
  • Dovecot

IPv6 Address formatting:

IPv6 addresses are 128-bit addresses consisting of eight colon-separated groups of four digits. These use hexadecimal digits. Sometimes IP Address hides or collapses 0 s that start an octet or entirely collapse octets containing only the digit 0. A collapsed section is indicated by a double colon (: :). However, the IPv6 address can contain only one double colon. Some correct formats for the same IPv6 address are shown underneath:-

  • 2001:0db8:85a3:0042:1000:0000:0000:7334 : The fully expanded version.
  • 2001:0db8:85a3:0042:1000: :7334 : To hide octets that contain only 0, the same address is partially collapsed.
  • 2001:db8:42:1000:: 7334: The same address is fully collapsed I order to hide those octets which contain only 0 and 0 s beginning the octet.

The cpsrvd daemon :

The cpsrvd daemon must listen on IPv6 address to make IPv6 work on a cPanel and WHM server.

To enable this, ‘on’ is to be selected in the system section of WHM’s Tweak Settings interface. IPv6 must be enabled first on the server to use this interface and to use WHM’s IPv6 Ranges interface. Before using the interface, shared IPv6 address has to be configured in WHM’s Basic Webhost Manager Setup Interface (Home>>Server Configuration>>Basic Webshot Manager Setup).


Select an Account:

  • To review IPv6 information for a specific account, the desired account username to be selected from Select an Account menu.
  • For a specific username or primary domain, in the ‘Filter Accounts’ text box, the username or primary domain is to be entered.
  • To select all of the accounts, click on ‘select all’ icon.

Account Information:

If the IPv6 address range has already been assigned, following information is displayed by the interface:

  • IPv6 Address – IPv6 address of the account.
  • Primary Domain – The main domain of the account.
  • IPv6 Proxy Subdomain – this a link to the account’s IPv6 proxy subdomain.

Enable IPv6:

  • From the Enable this account with an IPv6 address from the selected range menu, the desired IPv6 address range is to be selected.
  • A range of available addresses must be selected.
  • The server’s shared IPv6 address has to be selected in order to assign the server’s shared IPv6 address to an account.
  • When you click ‘Enable Account’ to activate IPv6 on an account, the system binds that IPv6 address to the server and an AAAA record is added to the account to the primary DNS zone.

Disable IPv6:

Click on ‘Disable account’ to erase the IPv6 address from the selected account. After this, the system unbinds that address from the server and the account loses the address and if it is enabled again, the system assigns a different IPv6 address.



Till 2014 IPv6 carried more than 99% of worldwide Internet traffic. Gradually this scenario is changing. In 2017, the percentage of users accessing Google services with IPv6 reached 22.6%, recording a growth of  about 5.8% per year.