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Anticipating Updates on Your cPanel’s WooCommerce Plugin

Posted by Alex on 03 03 2017.

When you have WordPress on your cPanel and you have the WooCommerce plugin installed for it, you should always be on the lookout for potential updates. This way, you can develop a backup plan for addressing any issues that may arise during the update of the plugin.

Never Forget the Importance of Updates

One of the most common mistakes that beginners have when it comes to almost everything involved with their cPanel, WordPress, plugins, and other services is the constant barrage of updates.

Because these programs regularly roll out updates, most likely, you will soon consider it as a hassle. However, you should not reject these, as they play an important role in making them better. These updates also have the advantage of removing the bugs and issues of the previous versions.

Clicking on the “Later” Option and Its Consequences

Whenever you encounter messages telling you about an update, you almost always have two options to choose from: the “Download Now” and the “Later” option. Most people fall into the temptation of letting these updates slide, and therefore; click the “Later” button.

There is a hidden consequence to doing this though. Most people who have the skills and knowledge regarding illegal insecurities and exploits when it comes to accessing sites, accounts, etc. use this period of time to gain unauthorized access and wreak havoc to your online assets.

There is a very good reason for all these updates, and one of them is for enhancing security. So when you continue to push delay that update, you give more opportunities to hackers and other tech-savvy criminals to exploit your accounts. This is extremely risky, especially for those who run and operate e-commerce websites, since these ignoring these updates do not only put you at risk, but also your clients.

The Solution to these Potential Issues

Of course, the best barrier to put up against the potential consequences of delaying updates is to not delay it. As soon as a message pop us notifying you that your programs have an update, click on the “Update Now” option.

In addition, you should also prepare yourself for any upcoming updates so that you can create backups even before the rolling out of the updates. Allot some time, maybe a week, every two weeks, or even a month to check up on your updates.

This way, you will have sufficient time to create backups and test them, prior to the deployment of your website with the updated version. Just in case you have a problem remembering things, set a schedule on your calendar (phone or physical calendar) or organizer so you can set up and complete these tasks on time.


If you work updates into your routine, just as you do every other security tip we’ve suggested in this post, it will quickly become less of a hassle and more of an everyday occurrence. And soon, you’ll be running an attack-proof store without even realizing it, or giving any mind to putting things off until “later.”