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Android Devices: Now Compatible with cPanel Email Account

Posted by Alex on 23 01 2017.

cPanel user and Android device user? Then you should know that you can now check your cPanel email account via your Android devices. Before, with a new Android device, the first thing it will ask you is to add a Gmail account. Doing so will allow you to receive and send emails, as well as check it via your device.

Now that you can add cPanel website email account to your Android phone, phablet, or tablet, you can enjoy a higher level of convenience. You can respond immediately to your website emails, send urgent emails, or check your emails without having to use your computer or laptop.

To link your cPanel email account to your Android device, just follow these steps:

  1. Look for the “Applications” icon and tap on it.

In most cases, the icon for “Applications” appears in the main screen of an Android device. If it does not, just search through your apps menu. Once you locate it, tap on it and the Applications menu will pop up.

  1. Tap on the “Email” option.

Once the Applications screen has come up, look for and tap on the “Email” option. This will result in the “Account Setup” interface to pop up.

  1. Enter the required information.

The Account Setup interface will require you to key in your email address as well as password. After entering all the required data in the corresponding text boxes, tap on the “Manual setup” option. This will bring you to the Account setup interface’s next screen.

  1. Choose the right account type.

The next screen you will see lists all of the available account types. Choose the IMAP mailbox option rather than POP 3, as this will download all of your emails on to your Android device and delete them from the server.

After choosing IMAP, another Account Setup interface appears.

  1. Key in the account information.

The next window you will see will require you to enter several account details, including Username, Password, IMAP server, and Security Type.

For the Username text box, just put in your website email address. For the provided text box labelled password, just put in the corresponding password for your email address. In the text box for “IMAP server,” put in the mail domain associated with your website email. Lastly, chose SSL/TLS for the Security type text box.

Press next after you have provided all the required information.

  1. Provide the information requested about your server.

The next Account Setup window will ask you to provide again a list of information. For the SMTP server text box, just place the email account of your mail subdomain. Select SSL/TLS in the Security type text box. Mark the checkbox for “Require sign-in.” In the text box for Username, put in your email address. Then, put in the corresponding password in the Password text box.

Tap on the “Next” button.

  1. Choose your preferred email settings.

On the next window that will appear, you would have to choose email preferences. Just mark the checkboxes for your desired configurations and tap on the Next button.

  1. Key in your account and display names.

The new window that pops up will ask you to enter your preferred account and display names. Just enter the information in the provided text boxes, and tap on “Next.”

You now have linked your cPanel website email to your Android device.