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Advanced cPanel – X3 User Docs to Get Accustomed To

Posted by Alex on 14 02 2017.

Once you have mastered the basics of cPanel, you should now proceed to the Advanced section. In this document, you will find a quick overview on each of the features you can find in this section of your cPanel account.


Apache Handlers – x3


An interface allowing users to add and configure Apache handlers, you can use the Apache Handler to define how exactly you want your website’s Apache web server software mange certain types of files and extensions.


Apache can deal with server-parsed files as well as CGI scripts, which have file extensions including .cgi, .plx, .pl, .ppl, .shtml, and .perl.


API Shell – x3


When you want to interactively execute function calls within your cPanel interface, the API Shell will do it for you. It makes use of live data originating from your server.


Only system administrators can enable this function for non-admin users. To activate it, follow the steps below:


  • Go to the “System” tab in WHM’s Tweak Settings interface, click on the “cPanel & WHM API Shell” (for developers) setting, and then choose “On”.
  • Grant the API Shell feature to the desired users in Under the WHM’s “Feature Manager” interface, look for the users you want to grant the API Shell feature to.


Cron Jobs – x3


Tasks scheduled to execute at a pre-set time or interval, cron jobs, you have two interface options in cPanel when it comes to editing them. Practice caution whenever you schedule them because running them too frequently may result in the performance of your server to degrade.


Error Pages – x3


Although your web server provides default error pages automatically, you can actually make changes to how they appear. With cPanel, you can customize these error pages for all HTTP status codes.


Under the Error Pages interface, you can customize how your error pages will look like to visitors when they try to access your website or webpage and they encounter an issue. Each error has their own code, for instance 404 (one of the most common).


Image Manager – x3


Images play important roles in your websites, and cPanel provides tools for you to easily manage them. This is through the Image Manager feature, which has three programs you can choose from, including the following:


  • Thumbnail Converter. This creates thumbnails of images located in a directory and stores them in another subdirectory (thumbnails).
  • Image Scaler. This allows you to resize images.
  • Convert to an Image Format. Whenever you want to convert an image file to another type of file, use this tool. You can even use it to change all the files in a directory to a single type of file.


Index Manager – x3


With this interface, you can set the appearance of a directory index.


MIME Types – x3


Through this feature, you can create and configure MIME types, which basically serve as an information relay system for a browser on how to handle file extensions.


Network Tools – x3


This menu found in your cPanel’s interface boasts of tools that will assist you in retrieving network information.


Virus Scanner – x3


Use the Virus Scanner tool to scan your cPanel account services for any suspicious or malicious software.