WHMSonic is the most powerful Shoutcast Control Panel and WHM/cPanel plugin, intended on making your life easier. You can install it on your server in seconds with a single SSH command and it allows you to offer shoutcast streaming media hosting, AutoDJ, radio reseller from your Dedicated or VPS WHM/cPanel server. WHMSonic is working with WHM/cPanel base system and it does not consume any server resources for itself. It has also powerful control panel side for your cpanel clients and resellers. Clients can setup a radio from their cPanel and fully control it easily. It has everything you need to start and manage your shoutcast radio service hosting.


Shoutcast Limits:

You can create your own limits for your shoutcast customers, WHMSonic allows you to limit Traffic, Bitrate, Listeners, IP, Port, AutoDJ, destination IP and much more …


WHMSonic supports 8 different languages: English, German, French, Portuguese, Portuguese – BR, Romanian, Turkish, Spanish, Custom Language + a language editor for translation.

Internal Shoutcast Setup:

Setup shoutcast for customers who have a current cPanel webhosting account on the server and especially need the AutoDJ feature.

External Shoutcast Setup:

Setup shoutcast who don’t have cPanel webhosting account on the server. Provide WHMSonic panel access without hosting, email features. Radio owners can share their WHMSonic username+password with their DJ’s, it is safe. External users have FTP account to upload multiple mp3 files for AutoDJ and playlists.

List/Manage ShoutCast Customers:

WHMSonic provides powerful customer list features. You can see all of the details, limits, radio status, radio ip, port, password, traffic limits, quickly tune in, re-send account email and much more. You can also simply start/stop/restart/terminate/suspend/unsuspend edit/upgrade the account’s information, including owner and IPs by clicking one button.

Users Cpanel WHMSonic:

Powerful and flexible, high quality graphics and user friendly shoutcast panel for your customers.

Setup Latest ShoutCast:

Your cPanel users can setup ShoutCast from their cPanel with the limits you provided one by one.

Manage Shoutcast:

Start/Stop/Restart/Edit/Update ShoutCast

Remove ShoutCast:

Remove ShoutCast radio from my account.

ShoutCast Configurations:

Manage ShoutCast configurations, password and other details.

Intro – Backup Features:

Manage ShoutCast intro-backup features. BackupFile can specify an mp3 file that will be streamed to listeners over and over again when the source stream disconnects. This feature is useful when a DJ changes on the radio.


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Introducing WHMSonic


System Requirements

Minimum Server:
A VPS or Dedicated server with cPanel/WHM.
Centos system
Dual CPU
1 GB Memory

Suggested Optimum Server:
A dedicated server with cPanel/WHM.
Centos system
Dual CPU
6-8 GB ram

Installation Instructions

Installing WHMSonic

Step 1: SSH into your server and go to your root directory:

cd /root

Step 2: Run the following command:

wget -N http://whmsonic.com/setupr/installr.sh; sh installr.sh;d