What is WHMSonic Shoutcast Admin Pro? WHMSonic is a popular WHM/cPanel plugin, intended on making your life easier. WHMSonic’s plugins install in seconds and allows you to offer Shoutcast streaming media, AutoDJ, radio reseller from your Dedicated or VPS server without SSH access. Our plugins also support your users cPanel. Users can setup radio from their cPanel and fully control it under your permission. It has everything you need to control shoutcast, please check our Features List.

ShoutCast Admin Pro v2.0:

  • Supports 8 languages
  • WHMSonic Sound Filter HD radio revolution
  • Create FlashPlayers and player links easily
  • Setup and easily manage Shoutcast radios from WHM or cPanel
  • Setup External or Internal Shoutcast radios
  • Provide only WHMSonic section in the cPanel without hosting, etc…
  • Setup AutoDJ’s with AAC+ encoder
  • Real time bitrate & bandwidth control + limits + monitoring
  • Create WHMSonic Resellers for your current WHM resellers.
  • Amazing RadioLive website + template for your customers
  • Supports flashplayer, Mediaplayer, Quicktime, RealPlayer, and Winamp.


Shoutcast Limits:

You can create your own limits for your shoutcast customers, WHMSonic allows you to limit Traffic, Bitrate, Listeners, IP, Port, AutoDJ, destination IP and much more …


WHMSonic supports 8 different languages: English, German, French, Portuguese, Portuguese – BR, Romanian, Turkish, Spanish, Custom Language + a language editor for translation.

Internal Shoutcast Setup:

Setup shoutcast for customers who have a current cPanel webhosting account on the server and especially need the AutoDJ feature.

External Shoutcast Setup:

Setup shoutcast who don’t have cPanel webhosting account on the server. Provide WHMSonic panel access without hosting, email features. Radio owners can share their WHMSonic username+password with their DJ’s, it is safe. External users have FTP account to upload multiple mp3 files for AutoDJ and playlists.

List/Manage ShoutCast Customers:

WHMSonic provides powerful customer list features. You can see all of the details, limits, radio status, radio ip, port, password, traffic limits, quickly tune in, re-send account email and much more. You can also simply start/stop/restart/terminate/suspend/unsuspend edit/upgrade the account’s information, including owner and IPs by clicking one button.

Users Cpanel WHMSonic:

Powerful and flexible, high quality graphics and user friendly shoutcast panel for your customers.

Setup Latest ShoutCast:

Your cPanel users can setup ShoutCast from their cPanel with the limits you provided one by one.

Manage Shoutcast:

Start/Stop/Restart/Edit/Update ShoutCast

Remove ShoutCast:

Remove ShoutCast radio from my account.

ShoutCast Configurations:

Manage ShoutCast configurations, password and other details.

Intro – Backup Features:

Manage ShoutCast intro-backup features. BackupFile can specify an mp3 file that will be streamed to listeners over and over again when the source stream disconnects. This feature is useful when a DJ changes on the radio.


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Introducing WHMSonic

Installing WHMSonic