RVSkin is a multilingual, multi-theme advanced skin management software for cPanel server. RVSkin is the best choice to differentiate your hosting services, lesser support needed, which results in lower operating costs for your business.


Disable main FTP access

If your end-user account frequently get exploited because the client PC is compromised. Stop main account FTP access here will be a very useful feature.

Limit the number of cron job end-user allows to enter

Admin can set the number of cron job end-users allow to configure.

Subversion and Trac Integration

Subversion and Trac integration is exclusively on RVSkin cPanel theme. Unlike standard subversion, it is a custom build design for cPanel server. You are now able to provide Subversion version control system and have it work with Trac, the project manager for software development projects on shared hosting accounts. SVN Repository will keep separately on its own home directory (/home/user/rvsubversion/repository).

Webmail Feature Manager

Don’t want webmail user change the password? Easily here. Features displaying on the webmail interface can be configured per email account. You can configure webmail interface to display a few features for normal email accounts and display most of the features for advanced email accounts.


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Introducing RVSkin


System Requirements & Installation

A full cPanel/WHM license. Trials or release/beta licenses are not supported.

Installing RVSkin

Step 1: SSH into your server as root and run the following command:

cd /usr/src; rm -fv rvskininstall.sh; wget http://download.rvglobalsoft.com/rvskininstall.sh; chmod +x rvskininstall.sh; ./rvskininstall.sh

Answer the questions on your shell, and wait 2-5 minutes until it finishes.
Installer will create a new hosting account ‘rvadmin’. Do not terminate it. It will be used for internal RVskin configuration management.

Step 2: Log in to WHM to access RVskin Manager.

WHM > Plugins > RVglobalsoft Manager -> RVskin Manager.

Step 3: In RVskin Manager:

  • Set global configuration
  • Set default language
  • Create default feature list for user and for reseller
  • Set tweak setting, reseller feature control, body links, top links, help, tutorial links, and etc.
  • Test configuration setting in 2 hosting accounts.
    • rvadmin: this account can consider to be account belong to root
    • reseller’s client: this account will reflect setting from reseller skin manager. If it is not configured, it will remain anonymous.

Step 4: Set RVskin2 to cPanel theme list and as default theme for cPanel.

Step 5: Change user cPanel to RVskin themes

Step 6: Change cPanel language to the new language