JetBackup is a leading backup solution for cPanel. JetBackup allows you to back up your cPanel account quickly and efficiently through cPanel Remote or local incremental backups (as well as other backup schemes). Settings like automation of backups as well as restores on a cron job are also included and wrapped up in a nice user friendly GUI. JetBackup will also allow you to resell this backup service through an easy-to-user billing system and API to your clients all through the JetBackup web interface.

JetBackup introduction



Multi-scheduling allows you to create multiple schedules all with different retention limits that can all be applied to the same backup job. You no longer need to create a separate backup job for each schedule. Multi-scheduling also auto-detects when multiple schedules for the same job are scheduled for the same time. When this occurs it only stores one backup versus multiple backups saving you storage space.

Account Filters

Set up unique filters to specify exactly which accounts you would like included or excluded in your backup jobs. Separate your backup jobs by account size, resellers, cPanel package types, and much more. Add as many filters to the same backup job as you would like. All created account filters are stored and can be used for future backup jobs. Adjust filters up or down and use OR / AND statements for a truly smart filter!


GDPR Mode is a vital feature that helps bring hosting providers one step closer to being in compliance with this regulation. A big part of GDPR is giving awareness to your clients as to what personal data you store, how you store it, as well as where it is being stored within your company. This feature now gives you the ability to backup and restore encrypted backups for ultimate security!

Hybrid Backups

JetBackup removes the limitations on what you can have backed up in a backup job. No longer are you stuck having to do a full backup or only backup one specific part of the cPanel account. Whether you want to backup emails and databases or the home directory and cron jobs, you have complete freedom to choose exactly what you want in your backup job. For a more granular approach, you can also create unique directory backup jobs for certain situations.

Custom Hooks

Attach your own custom scripts to functions within JetBackup including backup jobs, daily cron jobs and more. Set hooks to run your scripts pre (before) or post (after) any supported function. Your backup process just got a whole lot smarter!

And Many More…

-Simultaneous Local and Remote Backups!
-Create as many backup jobs as you want!
-Limit backup space / inodes for users
-Backup reports for billing support
-Full API
-WHMCS Ready module
-Advanced Command line tools
-Clone cPanel accounts to remote server



Account Filters


Hybrid Backups

Custom Hooks

System Requirements and Installation

System Requirements

System Requirements for Installing JetBackup

  • cPanel version 64 and above
  • CentOS 6 / CloudLinux 6 / RedHat 6
  • CentOS 7 / CloudLinux 7 / RedHat 7
  • 64bit OS

Installing JetBackup

To begin installation of the JetBackup Manager add-on, please login to your server as root user, and run the following commands:

$ yum install http://repo.jetlicense.com/centOS/jetapps-repo-latest.rpm
$ yum clean all --enablerepo=jetapps*
$ yum install jetapps-cpanel --enablerepo=jetapps

Once the installation finishes, login to your WHM GUI using root user, under “Plugins” menu click on the “JetApps” plugin.

Select JetApps -> JetBackup -> Choose a version to install & Approve the installation.


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