Blesta is a well written and developer friendly client management, billing, and support software. Its open code base, powerful API, and extensibility make it the billing platform of choice for a growing number of hosting providers worldwide.

With 99.4% open code which is well documented you can let your mind go wild. You can customize Blesta to look and work the way you want it, and if you are stuck and need help the community forums are jam packed with members who can help you, along with the developers. Give Blesta a try and trust us, you won’t regret it.


Professional Invoices

Blesta creates gorgeous, professional looking PDF invoices, and sends them to your clients automatically. Invoices can be sent via email, fax, postal mail, or queued up for print and delivery by your staff.


Blesta has automation down so that you can focus on what matters most; growing your business. Through automation and a simple intuitive interface, you’re able to spend less time using Blesta and more time getting stuff done.

Payment Gateways

Blesta supports all the most popular payment gateways, and we’re continually adding more.

Payment Reminders

Blesta can send payment reminders prior to an invoice due date, and late reminders after an invoice becomes late. The email message, the number of days before or after the invoice is due, and the time of day the message is sent is all configurable.


Accept money in any currency you like. Gateways, once installed, allow you to specify which currencies to accept from the ones it supports.

Client Management

In Blesta, client management happens on each client’s “Client Profile” page. This page contains all information pertaining to the client, and all actions that can be performed on their account.

Account Actions

Every action that can be performed for a client can be performed from their client profile page.

Basic actions can be performed, including creating new invoices, making payment, adding services, even logging in as the client, and more.

Unbranded Licenses

Please see the following instructions to remove the branded footer from Blesta:
Remove Branding


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Installing Blesta via GUI and CLI


Admin Area

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System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

• PHP version 5.4
• PDO, pdo_mysql, curl (version 7.10.5), and openssl (version 0.9.6) PHP extensions
• MySQL version 5.0.17
• Apache, IIS, or LiteSpeed Web Server
• ionCube PHP loader

Recommended Requirements:

• PHP version 7.0 or later
• PDO, pdo_mysql, curl (version 7.10.5 or later), openssl (version 1.1.1a or later), gmp, imap, json, ldap, libxml, mailparse, iconv, mbstring, mcrypt, simplexml, and - zlib PHP extensions
• MariaDB version 10.2 or later with max_allowed_packets = 128M or higher, and wait_timeout = 3600
• Apache, IIS, or LiteSpeed Web Server
• ionCube PHP loader
• memory_limit set to 128 MB or greater

Installation Instructions

Installing Blesta
Step 1: Download the latest version of Blesta from the following link


Step 2: Unzip the Blesta archive (.zip) file using your favorite compression utility

Step 3: Upload Files & Launch Installer

Upload the contents of the blesta directory to your server where you will be accessing Blesta. Before you continue any further, ensure you’ve created a database that Blesta can be installed into. You’ll need your database host (usually localhost), database name, database user, and database user password to continue with installation.

Blesta may be installed in one of two ways, either via the web in your browser, of via command line.

  • Web Installation
    • Point your web browser to the location where you uploaded the contents of blesta (e.g. https://yourdomain.com/path_to_blesta/).
    • Follow the on screen instructions to complete installation.
    • Once installation completes, you’ll be prompted to create your administrator user and enter your license key or start a free trial.
  • Command Line Installation
    • In a shell, cd to the directory you uploaded the contents of Blesta.
    • The CLI installer can be run in interactive mode, or non-interactive mode by passing parameters.
      • For interactive mode run:
        php ./index.php install
      • For automatic mode run:
        php ./index.php install -dbhost DATABASE_HOST -dbname DATABASE_NAME -dbuser DATABASE_USER -dbpass DATABASE_PASS -hostname WEBSITE_HOSTNAME

Please use Blesta’s Documentation HERE for information on parameters you need and how to configure your system.