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A Discussion on the ‘Server Time’ Interface Responsible for in cPanel?

Posted by Allura on 24 10 2019.


One has to navigate to (WHM >> Home >> Server Configuration >> Server Time) to function on this feature. It permits one to address the server’s time belt and synchronize its time with the network’s time server.

It is necessary to notice that if we want to make one’s cPanel & WHM license to work properly, we should set the server to the correct time.

Set Your Server Time Zone


  • Firstly, one must choose a suitable zone from the menu.

In this case, we will advocate to address one’s server’s time belt to Universal Time, Coordinated (UTC). This will enable the servers to move at the same time with each other and help in preventing Daylight Savings Time-related errors on one’s system that runs in numerous time belts.

  • Next, one can click on Change TimeZone.

In this case, one will modify the timing belt via server’s GUI tools, or via the program line interface within the /etc/localtime file. One should restart the cpsrvd daemon for the system to mirror the modification within the cPanel and WHM interfaces. For doing this, one can run the following command as the root  user:


Synchronize Your Server Time With The Time Server

One can synchronize one’s server to the network’s time server. This can be useful if one’s server’s time is incorrect.

In order to synchronize one’s server’s time with the network time server, one can click on Sync Time with Time Server.


All data on the Server Time interface is reviewed in this article.