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A Dedicated cPanel for your Website

Posted by Jeff on 01 03 2016.

Consider a way to develop web building skills, improve running time on your website for visitors, and provide fast and speedy recovery from outages. There is a simple way to resolve all of these complications. Be a part of dedicated hosting solutions for your website. It’s all done for the development of business and boosting the traffic volume that comes to your site, however, with increased volume comes an issue that needs to be addressed. Other web builders will need space on a server, and the question is: are you willing to share this space? If the answer is no, it means you need to invest in a simple dedicated cPanel that changes your entire web hosting needs and security strategies.  Help us solve your hosting problems by giving you, for the first time ever, options to choose from, including helpful support, and advice.

Privacy at its Finest

This is a server to call your own. With an entire server at your disposal who knows what innovative and unique ideas might spark your imagination? It’s all a click away! Websites can induce the best performance imaginable while you’re enjoying the advanced control and security that you need. You won’t get the same flexibility and options with a shared host. A Dedicated cPanel squashes all your concerns with a simple set of tools. This comes with some basic benefits that include speed, storage upgrades, instant provisioning, root access, and dedicated support.

Dedicated cPanel


Consider a busy revolving door in New York City. Now imagine 50 people trying to fit through it. Doesn’t sound possible, does it? Well, this is the same concept as a shared hosting system. It means that when a shared server is in use by more people than it can handle, it creates a bottleneck effect. Only so many people can fit on one serve before it becomes uncomfortable for users to share the same server and cuts efficiency and running time in half. Each dedicated cPanel server is built custom with in-house engineering using only the latest technology like OpenStack giving you the option to upgrade over time. Do your research on the fastest support for your website so you can really get bang for your buck!

Root Access

The advanced features of cPanel and dedicated cPanel offer an improved control panel and complete access to add-ons and tools that help improve the website visitors’ experience. Along with this you can also get RAID storage. Your drivers are completely mirrored, ensuring your data is extremely well protected. This feature is not found on most dedicated solutions.

Time Efficiency

Don’t waste your time waiting hours to activate your dedicated cPanel host, our technology allows provision-dedicated servers immediately. This means that no longer are you wasting time just waiting around for an approval for your License or server administrator. It is instant, allowing you to continue working on the growth and development of your web building skills.


Only here you will find 24/7 support from agents who are looking to help improve any bugs or glitches on the server. These agents specialize in dedicated cPanel hosting and our dedicated team works closely with the same engineers who maintain your server. They are able to trouble shoot at a moment’s notice.