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9/27/2013 – Recommended Apps with cPanel: Carry Your Business towards Success

Posted by Jamison on 27 09 2013.

cPanel is a collection of multiple builds, codes and applications that complete your cPanel system. They work together to extend the functionality you require for website maintenance, providing hosting services, or system development. Therefore, you need every component to ensure quality function and move forward in terms of promoting your business’ success.


Applications are among the essentials that you need to use that help you achieve your goal. These programs are also often referred to as add-ons of varying functionalities though there are also other add-ons that actually fall under the cPAddons category. You can install a wide array of applications based on what you need.


Applications that can bridge your road to success


Various applications are available for cPanel system and you can find a whole list of programs that you will find useful as you embark on your journey using this platform. Several programs to integrate with cPanel include the following choices, which can also build your road to success in the online world.




These programs install scripts and other functional components that you need in one setting. It saves you time in installing scripts as autoinstallers could also aid in updating each of them automatically.


Backup utilities


Never fear of losing your important files that you need for website configuration or account management. These backup utilities will keep your installed programs at specific points or time according to your preferences and ensure that they will be available for restoration in case you meet inconsistencies along the way.


Website builders


Website builders give way to building professional websites to use for promoting your business. Even if you are promoting hosting services, you still need to have a good website that will introduce your business effectively to your future clients.


Security applications


cPanel experts guarantee to keep your system secure from any type of invasion that may lead to accessing vital information. Nevertheless, some users still want to boost security by utilizing added programs meant for security. Build your cPanel & WHM defense by using these security applications that you can easily download online.


Billing Automation


As a business owner, it’s crucial for you to keep as much automated programs as possible to guarantee smooth management and operation. Keep yourself from worrying about billing problems or inconsistencies with newly developed billing automation programs made available for you.


Development services


Several people who use cPanel are not only focused on providing top services but also in developing new cPanel solutions for their clients. Take advantage of these development services that bring your business up to the next level with your designed solutions.


Themes and skins


Branding is crucial for establishing your name in the business world. Use these easy to use themes and skins programs that let you set your theme’s color, logo and design that stands out in the market.


These are just some of the commonly recommended applications with cPanel. Keep in mind that your business has specific needs in terms of using these programs. With its platform, cPanel lets your business expand by being compatible with multitudes of programs available today for you.