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9/26/2014 – Maximize the Hosting Experience with cPanel

Posted by Jamison on 26 09 2014.

The digital landscape has grown so fast the next thing you know everything can be accessed via the web. The newest season’s collection, the latest gadgets, or the biggest celebrity buzz—you can find almost everything in the internet. You are literally and figuratively one click away from everything. Now is high time that businesses take advantage of every digital asset available. If you are an entrepreneur or a marketer, you will be smart to invest on digital platforms. First thing on mind—a website. Any good and strong brand has a website, a site that can boast of branding and equity, of quality and performance. Every brand aims to have a site that will speak of their mission as a company, a site that will attract more people, and above all a site that will give them their desired ROI.


cPanel is the hosting provider that can help you and your business succeed with your website initiative. It is known among businesses, professionals, and budding entrepreneurs because of its key feature—convenience to users. cPanel wants you to maximize your website management experience and bring out the potential of your business with the apps, tools, and features that it provides. You can focus on the core needs of your site—do you need to upgrade a webpage? Do you need to improve a copy? Do you need to invest on a better writer? These are far bigger issues you need to face than merely solving how you can manage your email or your site’s database. cPanel alleviates you of this task, and instead, allows you to explore more possibilities and opportunities on how can you create a hardworking website.


Here are the reasons why cPanel is the best hosting provider. Find out how each feature can help your business succeed:


  1. Easy installation. As opposed to the common misconception, installation of cPanel takes a little time and little effort. By simply following through the Getting Started Wizard, you can quickly and easily continue with the systems set up. This will also include transferring of files and setting up your emails. The process is very simple, you do not need an experienced professional for this.


  1. Easy database management. One of the most dreaded tasks of entrepreneurs who are usually busy and always on the go is how to manage and update their databases. cPanel allows you to access your databases as part of the cPanel buttons.


  1. Easy to use apps. The cPanel dashboard gives you options which you can choose from whether you are a beginner or an experienced user. It will be easy for you to use the WordPress option, to change your PHP codes, or you manage your FTP accounts.


  1. Easily and safely back up your account. While you may have an outstanding website, cPanel reminds you that you always need to ensure that you have a back up for your site. It has a back up wizard button which will smoothly and quickly guide you through the back up process. Through this, you can save all your files, images, and databases.


cPanel allows all web administrators and beginners to manage their websites with ease and convenience while ensuring their business growth. You will surely enjoy using its buttons, the dashboard, and other management options that will give you easy access to your email accounts, website files, and database.