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9/25/2013 – LiteSpeed Web Server 4.2.2!

Posted by Jamison on 25 09 2013.

LiteSpeed Web Server is an important add on to use with cPanel as it boosts server management and support monitoring procedures at its finest quality. And today, the company extends high-class solutions for individuals like VPS and Ultra VPS Enterprise license, which are recommended for people site owners who have greater demands.


Ultra VPS comes with unparalleled features recommended for VPS users that want utmost features that can be scaled up for expansion. Web management becomes more beneficial and easy to configure with the help of LSWS. You may find this solution helpful for you if you plan to maintain your server with ease.


An important point prior to using Ultra VPS


Ultra VPS is undoubtedly has more features that allows it to support multiple functionalities that you need for managing your server. Hence, it has more requirements not only on usage but also in additional components.


One of the vital points to keep in mind is that using Ultra VPS requires you to have the LSWS 4.2.2, this is the current edition release or update offered by the company for its users. Even before you install this system, you need to understand what this version is and how it will work for your system.


LiteSpeed Web Server 4.2.2


LSWS 4.2.2 version is packed with numerous features focusing on web server management. Server and website owners will enjoy its offered features and take advantage of the best benefits in using this platform.


It consists of a comprehensive list of features starting form compatibility, htaccess cache, security and a lot more. All you need to do is to install this system on your server and let it do the job.


Since version 4.2.2 is a newer release, it offers added features that are meant specifically for you. New features include the following.


Stale cache mechanism


Cache mechanism is vital for web server management. They mainly contribute to enhanced user experience. Remember that as a website and server owner, you need the finest solution that allows you to promote your time spent for web server and maintenance.


With the available stale cache mechanism, you will experience refined performance and ease of use together with other set in features needed for this procedure. All you need to do is to install this system and let it do its job.


Ruby Rails/Rack interface


Ruby Rails are also important components of web server management. This system also has better Ruby Rails interfacing that promote utmost benefit for you as a web owner.


Why install this version early on


Even if you won’t be upgrading to Ultra VPS service, installing this platform early on brings a lot of benefits for you as a typical user. You will experience its offered feature and be familiarized with its functionality prior to having the Ultra VPS solution.


LiteSpeed Web Server 4.2.2 version is indeed a good solution to use whether you’re on your way to using Ultra VPS service or not. Be sure to keep your LSWS update to get 4.2.2 version and make it useful for you.


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