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9/24/2014 – Managing Your Domains via cPanel

Posted by Jamison on 24 09 2014.

Creating a website of constructing a blog can be pretty daunting task. You need a bunch of good ideas, a list of creative features, and most importantly, a good hosting provider that will give you only the best services that you need. The market will give you a variety of choices but you should choose which one will best suit your needs as an entrepreneur and as a website manager. If you yourself want to be on top of website management, you should pick a cloud hosting provider that will not give you a difficult time, and instead will allow you to manage your website easily and effectively. cPanel will give you all these benefits.


Think of security, convenience, and efficiency—these are all you need to equip your business with the most robust tools to ensure the success of your online marketing initiatives and strategies. cPanel allows its users and clients to manage their websites with ease and efficiency. You basically just have to understand all the basic functions and tools that you need—may it be for your database, emails, website statistics, or basic access to your account.


cPanel also allows you to tweak and choose the features that you need. You can fix your website, upgrade it, organize it according to the way your business needs it so you can get more traffic. You have the ability to be on top without having to a technology wizard.


There are a lot of things you can do with cPanel. One of those is that you can manage your subdomains, parked domains, and add on domains through the Domains section. Apart from this, you can also set redirects for your URLs. If you want to protect your domain ID, you can also do so with this tool. You can also buy a domain name transfer, change your account’s primary domain name, register a new name, or manage the DNS configuration of your domains.


You should know more about the types of domains and how they can help you manage your account:


  • Subdomains are important because this feature will allow you to add subdomains for your parked, primary, and add on domains.


  • Parked domains. This feature allows you to add parked domains to your account.


  • Add on domains. This feature allows you to add add on domains to your account.


  • This tool allows you to set a temporary or permanent redirect for your website to a separate one or you can choose a file to another. You can also choose to set a wild card redirect for all the files under one directory.



Here are the features you can choose from:


  • Domain transfer. Managing a domain with various extensions such as .net, .org, .com, .info, .biz, or others can be easier if you manage them together with your hosting account. You can do this by transferring your domain name to SiteGround.


  • Register new domain. If you wish to get a new domain for your account, you can also register for one.


  • Domain ID protect. You can protect your privacy by hiding the WHOIS information for your domain. You can protect your name and other important details. This information is usually public via the domain WHOIS feature.


  • Primary domain change. You can use this feature so you can change the primary domain name for your account.


  • Advanced DNS zone editor. This feature gives you advanced options when you want to edit your DNS zone.


  • Domain manager. You can use this feature so you can manage your domain DNS and WHOIS information.