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9/24/2013 – Get to Know Why System Administrators Love cPanel!

Posted by Jamison on 24 09 2013.

Web hosting and management process is not merely accessing the server for file management for your business. It also involves a number of professionals who work using their specific expertise in providing quality services. Among these professionals are system administrators.


System admins are the individuals working behind automated processes in servers. These processes license management, server resources maintenance and management, and account provisions. As they have more jobs to do, cPanel & WHM has been enhanced to meet their needs and guarantee to do their jobs properly. This results to more system administrators loving cPanel compared to other solutions offered online.


Identifying the features


Being a system administrator requires you learn a wide array of skills and knowing the best solutions to use for these procedures. Both starting students who study to be system administrator or experts need to know the most beneficial platforms to use.


If you plan to be a system administrator, you can trust the following features offered by cPanel & WHM and the primary reasons why more experts love this solution.


Easy installation process


Installation has been a primary concern for individuals who use any type of application. System administrators wish to maximize the time they use for administration. Maximizing means they should only spend time on procedures that need supervision and spend less on others.


cPanel has been designed to install easily on servers and faster compared to other solutions. Hence, users simply need to install this platform and let it configure specific function on its own. Leave the system on its own and it will do the configuration for other system administration essentials like RHEL, CentOS and a lot more.


App integration with ease


Various applications are necessary to promote effective system administrator. In fact, cPanel has a list of applications that can be used with cPanel & WHM based on what clients require for their business. Application integration is made easier through cPanel, which also contribute to improved system management.


Improved security on servers


Security is a crucial investment for server and website owners. cPanel includes features that promote enhanced security on servers and something system administrators will love. In fact, cPanel aids in building a solid arsenal of security system in servers to guarantee users peace of mind in the process of watching over their servers.


Backup solutions ready for use


Backup is another important component to invest just like security. It will save a system administrator as well as its clients from potential problems caused by losing files due to misuse or system inconsistencies. cPanel has a complete backup system that allows system admins backup specific accounts and server contents in general. With the backups available, users don’t have to worry about losing files, which may result to business loss in the process.


cPanel covered everything up for system administrators of today. it has exceptional build together with added features that save admins’ time while maximizing productivity in the system. These features emphasize why more system administrators fall in love with cPanel and use it for their tasks.