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9/23/2014 – Importance of Backing Up Your Site

Posted by Jamison on 23 09 2014.

A good website features creative webpages, attractive layouts, and enticing offers. You know you are browsing an effective site when you spend time clicking on the links and reading through the posts. However, if you are the one who manages the website you know that what the consumers see is not enough. You have to ensure that your website is working properly, the scripts are correct, and above all, your site is protected and you have a back-up for all your website files.


Website management goes beyond saving your page content. When you prepare a good back-up, it includes all your core programming files in your web host server as well as the data files which are located in your database. This is where the importance of database comes into the picture since it will be the one to store your images, texts, and pages. You can even save significant information that you will later on need.


Can you imagine how will you start from scratch again if your computer crashes? This is how important backing up your site is, once an unfortunate computer crash happens, your hosting provider has the ability to provide a back-up feature so you can retrieve the data you need. Once you neglect the idea of backing up your site, you are risking to lose all of your data and other necessary elements in your website. Think of the time, money, and effort you have invested to build the site—it must have taken you tons of trials, loads of effort, and a significant amount of money for you to create such site. You do not want to risk losing them just because of a possible technical glitch in the future.


There are a lot of reasons for your computer to crash—some may be as simple as a dysfunctional plug-in or a failed attempt to update a major server software. Apart from losing the text information, you will also lose the data you need to rebuild a site.


Backing up your Site


You can easily back up, transfer or migrate a website to a new web host server by simply logging in your cPanel and clicking on the back up icon. cPanel offers a backup function which you can take advantage of.


You can download or generate a full back up. You can also choose to automatically and safely back up all your cPanel websites to you local site. You just have to make sure that it has options and cross platform capability to make backup smart application.


Note that you have the option of backing up and saving your entire website or even just a specific part of your website. Simply select the file that should be used to restore the part of the website that you have selected.


You can back up your website as frequently as how often you make changes, add elements, update your entries, or apply improvements in your website.  It is important that you back up all the main or core files of your site after you have applied major changes. This also includes backing up any new image or text that you have created. You can wait for another major change before you back it up again. A weekly or monthly back up is healthy, but it still depends on how often do you update or implement changes in your site.


Now that you already know the importance of backing up your site, the next step is to identify the frequency and your plans for back-up. You do not want to put into waste the beautiful output you have worked hard for.