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9/23/2013 – Keep Your Dedicated Server Running

Posted by Jamison on 23 09 2013.

Server maintenance is essential regardless of the type of server that you use. Nevertheless, more individuals spend time maintaining their dedicated servers since they are more expensive in price while supporting multiple businesses or large-scale businesses in the industry.


Fortunately, you can keep your server up and running at all times by employing several procedures that ensure functionality and stability. Here are some of the essential procedures that you must to guarantee effective server monitoring.


Updating OS, applications and add ons regularly


Updates commonly leave a negative impression to people like causing inconsistencies in the system and a lot more. However, they should always be applied on cPanel and servers that assure the system will run smoothly with boosted security.


Updates include security enhancements that you system needs as well as stability features that greatly benefit your server. Moreover, you need to get the latest features that promote functionality to ensure efficiency and scalability.


Installing updates can be done automatically in the system or if you still need to set it up manually. It’s advisable for you to set your updates automatically to take advantage of their features.


Monitor your resources


Resources refer to the speed, disk space and other features offered with your server. Typically, using high amount of resources than the usual may result to inconsistency and system slow down. Hence, you need to monitor how much resources used on your server and do the right procedure to maintain the server without problems.


As you monitor your site, you must watch you for necessary components that should be eliminated or controlled to balance usage, which result to utmost stability in your system.


To monitor the server round the clock, you can use a resource monitoring program or add on to do the monitoring even if you won’t watch after the server 24/7. Resource monitoring is available for cPanel and it will send reports about the server that you are trying to monitor.


Backup your system regularly


Backups are also essential parts of server monitoring and maintenance. You’ll never know if your system may crash down or if it will be affected by inconsistencies, resulting to file loss. Backup your server files regularly and take advantage of its benefits during unfortunate events.


Security enhancements done on a regular basis


Security enhancements should be applied regularly on your server to avoid unauthorized access. You can apply security on remote access using programs or other solutions that will boost protection of your file.


Another important procedure to do is to change your password regularly. Passwords can be hacked with today’s modern technology and it’s crucial to avoid possible hacking or password monitoring by changing them regularly. Use strong password so you will ensure proper server protection at all times.


Server maintenance will keep your server running effectively. All you need to do is to apply these procedures and you will ensure proper server performance at all times. Set your maintenance schedules to do the maintenance procedures on your own or with the help of a professional.