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9/22/2014 – How to Use Software Section Tools

Posted by Jamison on 22 09 2014.

Most entrepreneurs have already used digital platforms in their marketing strategies and most businesses thrive on this initiative. Marketers have seen how blogs and websites have driven incremental results for their business, thus more and more entrepreneurs have decided on investing on these resources. While it may be easy to choose a website design or hire someone to write for your blog, a challenging task would be choosing a hosting provider that will not let you down.


cPanel is the most popular panel among paid hosting providers. It is a graphical web-based web-hosting control panel, designed to make administration of websites easy. cPanel handles all aspects of website administration in its interface. cPanel enables you to accomplish your website management tasks easier and faster. Even if you are not an expert in website management, you can gear up your site and ensure that it is working.


cPanel has a software section that enables various single-click installation options so you can install applications easily and quickly.


The following are the tools and features you can use in installation:


  • Deemed to be the best 3rd party auto installer add-on, you can easily purchase and add this to cPanel. It offers more than 230 applications/scripts and it allows you to install them really fast. Currently, it can install a large number of applications and scripts ranging from bulletin boards to content management systems and even Java Script libraries.


You can easily manage your scripts by using the softaculous tools. You should choose the “Edit Settings” button and the page will be loaded on your end. You can change the default language set by the administrator of the server. Current languages include: Dutch, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Hungarian and Russia. You can also change the side menu appearance. You can collapse and expand all of the side menus. You can also change the default time zone which is used by the Softaculous auto installer.


  • Softaculous script demos. You can select any of the applications by clicking on the corresponding icons. You will be taken to a new page on which you can test the application. The demo for an application may either be available at the respective application site or at the Softaculous Demo Site.


You can install  install a script from the Softaculous auto installer. You first need to login to your cPanel so you can access the installer. You need to replace with your own domain which you are using for your hosting account. After that click on the Softaculous Icon in the Software/Services tab.


You can choose a script using the Softaculous Panel.  You can choose from different categories. Every category includes many scripts. You will see the details of the script and you can check the ratings and reviews and you can access a demo of the application. You need to fill in the installation details  which includes the domain name, installation directory, administrative login details, etc. By default Softaculous will select your primary domain name and it will attempt to install the application in your main web root folder – public_html. If you want the new installation to be in a sub-folder, you can type the name of the folder in the In Directory field.


It is advisable that you change the default login details admin to something else. This way you will be sure that a hacker cannot guess the login credentials. Now you can install the script by simply clicking on the install button. This will usually take just 15-30 seconds. You can already view your website once the installer displays a page that includes the links to your newly installed application.