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9/20/2013 – IPv6 Support: Why Webhosts and Website Owners Anticipate this Update

Posted by Jamison on 20 09 2013.

cPanel makes sure that clients receive unparalleled support from its professionals. They extend a wide array of solutions, updates and documentations that will make sure clients won’t have problems in using the platform. Their updates are also delivered automatically to the systems and ensure that clients won’t encounter any problem in using the platform or their services.


Aside from coming up with their new solutions, cPanel also listens to cPanel users through the Feature Request Page. This site is cPanel users’ meeting place and a dedicated page where they can suggest support on various cPanel features. Nowadays, the site is swarmed by clients who are satisfied with the news about IPv6 support being worked on by cPanel.


Why cPanel users are excited?


Many people, especially those who haven’t dug deep in the world of cPanel, web hosting and online business, are not familiar with IPv6. However, some individuals discover its importance and can attest that this should be supported by cPanel. Knowing that the company are now in the process of offering this support, it’s understandable why cPanel users are pleased and excited with this update. It prevents IPv6 users from worrying about the future of their online businesses and websites designed for other function aside from earning money.


What is IPv6?


IPv6 is the latest IP address system developed after the infamous IPv4. IPv4 is the commonly used IP addressing component employed for years. However, numerous computers today start to support IPv6, particularly with the birth of newer operating systems like in the case of Windows Vista and Windows 7 computers.


Users across the globe still use IPv4 for IP addressing for 20 years now as stated in the post. The problem is the increasing number of Internet users, websites and webhosts can cause IPv4 allocations shortage and can be problematic to cPanel users’ operations.


According to a user who started the Feature Request about IPv6, Europeans who work in the Internet industry are now concerned about the shortage of IPv4 address allocations. Hence, the time will come when people are left with no choice but to use IPv6 to meet their allocation demands.  It would then be the high time for cPanel to start contemplating about this support.


Another member stated that IPv6 should be supported as ISP providers may start distributing routers that work with this IPv4 sibling like in Portugal. Therefore, it will be best for the company to start offering support for IPv6 any time soon.


cPanel then listed to the request and is now in process of supporting IPv6 in their system.


The impact of IPv6 support


cPanel users are now excited with IPv6 support receiving In Progress status in Feature Request. Many members find this advantageous while not worry about IPv4 shortage since they have their IPv6 backup ready. Moreover, cPanel users can also prepare accordingly when in using this solution for their systems and make their solutions IPv6 compatible.


IPv6 support is a groundbreaking support cPanel can extend to their clients. Be sure to keep yourself updated with this support’s progress and experience its benefits on your system in the future.