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9/19/2014 – cPanel File Section Tools

Posted by Jamison on 19 09 2014.

If you are on a quest for the best cloud hosting provider in the market, you will never miss out how people would talk about cPanel. Deemed to be the market leader in the cloud hosting industry, cPanel has always been a top choice among linux-based hosting businesses as it provides its users multiple reasons for them to stay. Significant features, easy navigation, and user-friendly tools—you can never go wrong with cPanel. Finding the provider that can give you best value for your money while also ensuring that you get the best services for your business can be quite challenging, but cPanel gives you the best of both worlds.


cPanel offers a useful array of features that you can use for your blog or website. Choose from any of them and you are on your way to a better blogging and e-commerce experience. While others may struggle with managing their website because it is either they are not confident with their technical skills or their website hosting provider does not provide them with apps that are easy to use. With cPanel, you do not have to be technology savvy, all you have to do is to be familiar with the features and apps that you need so you can easily manage your website. This allows you to be on top of your business—whether you want to fix your lay out or add other buttons.


One of the most useful features of cPanel is the file section. This includes helpful tools such as the File Manager, Legacy File Manager, Backups, FTP Session Control, Backup restore, Anonymous FTP, and FTP Tutorials.


Each of the tools has its own important function in your website or blog. It is necessary that you understand each of them so you know when and how to use them.


  • This tool will allow you to secure an archive copy of your entire site or a specific section of your website. You can download this copy to your computer for safety reasons. You can choose whether to get your home directory, email forwarders configuration, databases, and email filters configuration. If you do not wish to back up everything, you can select any of the sections of your website. However you should note that if your account exceeds 500MB, you will not be able to use the backup function. If you want to create an account that exceeds 500MB, you will need a significant amount of system resources and this will impose a risk on the overall performance of the shared server. If this is the case, a backup is not recommended and instead, you can check cPanel’s comprehensive manual backup instructions. You can also check the Backup Wizard so you can create or secure a backup of your site. Using the backup wizard will help you be ensured that your site is secured.


  • File Manger. This tool will allow you to manage your site through HTTP instead of an FTP tool or another third party allocation. Through the file manager, you can create, upload, or delete files. You can also change file permissions, create and extract archives, and organize your files in folders. You will get all the basic functions and features that you need so you can effectively and easily manage your site.


  • FTP accounts. This tool will allow you to manage, create, or delete separate FTP accounts. Note that you should get a third party FTP program so you can access your files. You can also determine which directory the FTP account has access. You can also check which settings do you need for an FTP client so it will be easy to configure it.