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9/18/2013 – Important Terminologies to Know in Choosing a Dedicated Server

Posted by Jamison on 18 09 2013.

Choosing a product or service requires extensive research study. It’s not just about comparing the price but also understanding specific components that promote benefit for its users. This scenario greatly applies to choosing a dedicated server.


A dedicated server is an expensive investment for website or online business owner. Having an actual disk hardware dedicated for your business alone is costly but will be beneficial for your expanding company. Due to its price, you need to really spend time researching and search for the finest dedicated server you can book in the market.


Know the terminologies


Shopping for a dedicated server includes comparing features and these features are described using jargons or terminologies only known in the online industry. This puts you in a problematic situation if it’s your first time to deal with servers for your business.


As you shop around, you need to know the following terminologies that will help you buy the best dedicated server based on your needs like the following.




Bandwidth refers to the data amount transmitted or transferred to the server and its network. If you will look at server offers online, either VPS or dedicated server offers, they indicate the amount of bandwidth available with the plan. Usually, bandwidth limit is set for monthly use. You need to know the amount of bandwidth available for your server and use it as a comparison tool as you shop online. This will prevent you from potential problems caused by exceeding your limit.


Disk space


Server is just like your hard drive installed in your computer. Servers have their set disk space or capacity that matches your needs. This component will hold all your files like photos for websites, log files, audio and media files, email messages, and a lot more. Hence, you need to match the amount of disk space based on what you need in building your website or other network components.


RAM capacity


Servers also run with memory modules, which contribute to its speed and performance. Remember that servers can be compared with conventional computers and you need this memory module to ensure server operations as well as performance. Check about the RAM capacity offered with the disk to have an idea how your server will perform as you use it.


As you check RAM capacity, you also need to check the guaranteed and maximum RAM capacity your system offers. Guaranteed RAM is the minimum capacity you can use with your server and the maximum capacity is the maximum limit RAM can offer on your system.




If you use a computer, you already know that processors are vital factors that will give you the best computers in terms of performance. You need to know the processor specifications set with your server to ensure blazing performance your business requires.


Now that you know the basic terminologies to use in shopping for dedicated server, you can start shopping for services with ease and be more confident on your choices. Don’t forget to compare top names in the industry to guarantee server performance that will boost your business.