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9/17/2013 – Essential Scripts for cPanel Servers

Posted by Jamison on 17 09 2013.

Scripts are the heart and soul of websites and server management. If you will notice today, top platform names including cPanel utilize scripts to ensure high-class performance among its users.


What are scripts?


Scripts are constructed using script languages that allow development of various programs used for web hosting and web development. It results to program execution and automation procedures that benefit website owners and developers.


Nowadays, you will find more than a hundred script types depending on functions and supported platform. As you go through your journey of providing web hosts or managing your own website, you will find scripts useful for you and take advantage of their functions.


Recommended scripts


Specific scripts are needed to make your whole website and server management easier and beneficial for you. Here are some of the recommended scripts based on their function that you’ll find useful for your needs.


Blogging script


Blogging is one of the essential components in promoting online presence. This reason moves more companies and website owners to build their own blogs for better traffic and added SEO resources.


Scripts designed for blogging are now offered for you and support different types of blogging platforms such as WordPress, Serendipity, OpenBlog and a lot more.




Webmail platforms serve as your gateway in accessing your business email for transaction. You can use these scripts made for email platforms that let you take advantage of its features like managing folders, saving contact details, spell checking and others. Examples of scripts used for email include RoundCube, poMMo, WebMail Lite, and a lot more.




Today, more people build a website to serve as their online shops and reach out to more customers. Setting up an online store can be done in a simple way by posting products and then getting orders from clients. However, some online storeowners want to have a more high-end store, which is possible by using online cart system. Online carts can be difficult to make without the right script or program. You can choose e-commerce script like OpenCart, AbanteCart, Zen Cart, and a lot more.


Aside from simply using an online cart, you can also have scripts designed for billing for clients’ accounts and guarantee accurate computations for client invoices.




Guestbooks serve as messaging platform for website visitors who want to leave a message or a note for the website owner. This can also serve as a message board and can be embedded easily with the help of offered scripts today.


Customer support


Customer is essential to provide quality service to clients. client support can be done on chat, technical tickets, and calling platforms. Scripts make it possible for you to offer support to your clients whenever you need to and with added convenience on your end.


Scripts are indeed useful for your website and server management needs. These are just some of the scripts available for you and you can easily find the right option that meet your business size, profile and niche. Prepare yourself for a good competition online with scripts as among your tools.