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9/16/2013 – Branding Your Themes with cPanel

Posted by Jamison on 16 09 2013.

Web hosting business becomes popular today with the era of online marketing and with various transactions done online. But just like any other businesses, web host providers also need to set its brand and establish its name in the industry.


Most of the time, people think that web hosts don’t require branding since they offer virtual spaces for clients. Whether they are dedicated or virtual servers, they are not tangible items that clients can see. Hence, how can a web host set its brand without putting their logos on server disks? The answer is through its deployed cPanel dashboard.


What is cPanel dashboard?


Web hosts include cPanel with their hosting packages and it serves as the dashboard in accessing various components necessary for website management. You can access databases, server details, website statistics, and others conveniently by logging on to this dashboard. Web hosts can design this dashboard by incorporating themes and use it as part of the branding.


Themes and its components


The good thing about themes is they can now be customized easily with the help of theme editors as add ons. If you are a webhost provider, you can use these add ons to set your brand for business purposes. You will not run out of options in setting your brand with theme components to customize based on your preferences. All you need to do is to be creative while maintaining design consistency through your logos and other theme components.


Your first order of business in branding your cPanel theme is to place your logo with the help of your chosen theme editor. Logo is one of the crucial branding elements that you must invest on and place it whenever possible for marketing your business. As for the control panel, you can place it right on the dashboard and emphasize your name to your clients.


Another way of branding your control panel is through color. Your logos probably have the same color to incorporate with branding. However, you can still include other ideas that can enhance your brand and start leaving positive impressions to clients. With these theme editors, you won’t have any problems configuring cPanel theme colors that are consistent with your brand. You can follow the procedures accordingly to come up with fresh and trendy theme design that you want.


Finally, icons will also help you mark your brand in the market. Theme editors allow you to change dashboard icons and even insert some images that suit your brand. For instance, you will find countless webhosts who have been reinventing their cPanel themes not only through colors but also through images. Their primary goal is to exalt their brand among the rest by using icons that are not commonly used by other service providers. Bring all these elements together to set a brand that is solely your business.


Redesigning your cPanel theme is made easier today. You can now find recommended add ons that let you customize themes and skins according to your preferences. Remember that you need to keep every branding element consistent with each other and see its benefits in establishing your business’ image in the long run.