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9/13/2013 – cPanel for Data Centers: Powerful Features that Benefit Data Center Experts

Posted by Jamison on 13 09 2013.

The entire web hosting and online industry is composed of numerous professionals with different expertise. Among these notable individuals are those working in data centers and the people who assist clients who hired their services or plans.


Data centers help clients get utmost support for their web hosting needs. They do a superb job but majority of them suffered churn rate, which can lead to the business’ downfall if not dealt with accordingly. cPanel ensures to offer the finest services that enable data center experts that avoid increasing churn rates.


Defining churn rate


Churning is considered as the instance when clients turn away from a certain service provider after their contract lapsed. Churn rate is the percentage derived from computing the number of churning clients together with a total number of clients and newly acquired ones using a special formula.


Churn rate lets service providers know the number of people who decided to end their business relationship together with the contract. Increased churn rate can be alarming since it’s indicative that they did not meet their clients’ expectations.


cPanel, however, makes sure that clients will stay with these data centers with their support features that offer great benefits for each these professionals.


Continuous software upgrades


To be a competitive expert in the market, data center experts should get the latest updates or solutions coming from cPanel. The only way to offer remarkable services to clients is by offering them with the latest products that enhance their hosting management procedures. Remember that every new services obtained by data centers will also be extended to their own clients and guarantee customer satisfaction.


Only best people work on the job


People make up a company and cPanel assure its clients to house the best individuals to do the job necessary in promoting hosting solutions in the industry. cPanel has the best individuals who will deal with customer support and guide their clients for their inquiries. Aside from customer service experts, they also have in-house analysts who monitor cPanel and its components’ are running smoothly, ensuring proper function at all times who won’t put the company in shame. In addition, the company also has developers that continue to improve their solutions at all times.


If you will be a data center expert, you will find yourself supported by a solid team of experts and result to more benefits for your business.


Training materials for data center experts


Being a professional doesn’t stop you from improving your skills. Hence, you must continue to study necessary skills that boost will contribute to effective management. cPanel offers documentation, certification and onsite training. Necessary resources are within your reach and use it for enriching your knowledge while continuing to offer the finest services that you must extend to your clients.


Data center professionals are now able to experience all the benefits of retaining clients through their exceptional services. cPanel prepares everything that data center professionals will need to guarantee professional services at all times to guarantee success for further business expansion.