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9/11/2013 – cPanel Feature Request: Be Active in the cPanel Network

Posted by Jamison on 11 09 2013.

cPanel users target superior functionality in using their cPanel platforms. Whether they are after building their own websites for businesses or being a hosting service provider, they wish to employ high caliber features that boost their business’ success.


Just like clients, cPanel experts also aim to extend new solutions that clients practically need. This is why they set the Feature Request page, where you can take part as a cPanel user and inform cPanel professionals about specific features that you think the company should support.


What is Feature Request page?


While many users tweak cPanel functionalities through several add ons, some features are still unavailable and only cPanel can provide bug fixes and support for them. They don’t know, however, what their clients think, so they set the Feature Request page that collects suggestions from cPanel users about features that they wish to use with their platforms.


When you visit this page, you can give cPanel experts an idea of the features that you want. Suggest these features and then you will see experts response on your suggestion.


Where great minds meet


The primary purpose of Feature Request page is to understand what other features clients require or find beneficial for their businesses. However, the page is also considered as the meeting place of great minds of numerous cPanel users.


Posting suggestions would also attract other cPanel users to comment on your post or idea. At this point, you will see how many individuals will support your suggestion, which may move cPanel experts to offer your needed feature. The company will see how many individuals find your suggestion beneficial and include them in their future feature releases.


Aside from supporting your suggestions, other cPanel users can also teach you some workarounds to experience the feature that you need. Many of these users have already been using cPanel for a long time and probably discovered some features that are still unknown to you.


With all the other individuals who join you in the site, you will immediately notice how many great minds are there to teach you about cPanel features while in the process of solving your issues.


Updates coming from cPanel experts


The good thing about Feature Request page is you will notice experts take the step in considering suggestions and work on the requests they find most essential for cPanel users in general. You will see if the discussion is marked as Planned or something that experts decided to support in the future. Some features are marked as In Progress or they are currently working on. Hence, they took the suggestion as the project and are now in the process of conducting procedures to offer this specific request.


Requests that experts haven’t considered yet are labeled as Open for Discussion and everyone can talk freely about the suggestion for other details or solutions.


Feature Request site is open for every cPanel user who wish to take part in the discussion or provide feedbacks on their obtained solutions. Be active in the cPanel network by joining the discussion and offer your two cents in discussing about its features.