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9/10/2013 – cPanel and WHM Features: Top Features that Brings Your Business to the Top

Posted by Jamison on 10 09 2013.

cPanel & WHM are proven as effective solutions for individuals establishing a business. They are often bundled as one component but they have different functionality that specific users require.


Regardless of their different features, both still work together that bring your company to its success in the online world. Here are some of the notable features describing each component while emphasizing their function in boosting your business’ competitiveness.




cPanel is the primary component to use if you are a website owner for page management. This serves as your control panel that offers you an organized dashboard to use in managing website elements while ensuring flawless cPanel operations. cPanel features include the following features:


Enhanced file management procedure


Your website bears numerous files that help you set your brand online. Hence, you must manage uploaded files and prepare to include them on the list of files to appear on your page. Files like pictures, logos, texts and others will be embedded on your page for branding or company promotions. Manage them with ease through cPanel with this improved feature.


Email management


The good thing about your webhost is you can also use it for hosting your email accounts. After setting up your account, configure it on your cPanel and make it accessible whenever you need to check emails coming from your clients.


Manage your database with ease


Databases are also essential for your website and cPanel allows you to manage it with ease through MySQL and others database platforms. These platforms are accessible right on your cPanel dashboard so you can configure each database easily in preparation for your website management needs.


Prevent spam from invading your page


Spam is one of the problems encountered in running a website and online business. Build an arsenal of defense against spam and find it beneficial for your business.


Website stat availability


Monitor your website by checking its statistics right on your cPanel page.




WHM stands for WebHost Manager that lets you manage clients’ accounts easily right on the dashboard. Access WHM and you have the power to protect each client’s accounts, configure DNS control, FTP and other features. Specific features include the following:


Configure specific accounts


Remember that each client who acquired your hosting services has his or her own profile. Configure, set and manage their accounts through a single platform, saving your time in conducting your account management procedures.


Set and deploy hosting plan


Each plan that you want to offer has specific features to configure based on your client’s preferences. Set your own plan with ease through WHM and feel the power of modern technology in deploying hosting plans with ease.


Application installation without inconsistencies


As a service provider, you also need to offer specific applications that your client requires. WHM helps you install these applications fast and deploy them right away when your client signed up for your service.


Combat spam


Help your precious client combat spam through WHM as part of your service.


Now you know how both components aid in promoting successful whether you’re a website owner or host provider. Drive your business towards success through these features and become a celebrated name in the industry.