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9/09/2013 – cPanel 11.36 Now on Stable Tier

Posted by Jamison on 09 09 2013.

cPanel experts devote themselves in offering high caliber  services that you need as a cPanel user. They released various cPanel versions with updated features that meet clients’ changing needs in today’s modern world in terms of function and stability. All you need to do is to be updated with the new versions they are released online and maintain security and stability features that make your system more reliable than before.


Recently, cPanel pushed the latest version 11.36 to Stable tier, which is indeed an auspicious event for every cPanel user. within the past months, cPanel users dealt with the blows caused by End of Life news. One version finally reached its End of Life while another one is about to approaching its EOL. Hence, many users are busy migrating their files and systems to newer versions as recommended by cPanel professionals. Aside from migration, they are also busy learning more about the new features latest versions offer for cPanel users.


Version 11.36 in Stable tier satisfies cPanel users’ requirements, which is worth celebrating. Here are some of the reasons why this tier change is something that you must celebrate as a cPanel user.


Assurance of updates


One of the reasons why people fear EOL is the unavailability of updates that keep the system stable and secured from potential attacks. Developers focus their attention on updating new versions by discovering new features or solution that strengthen its value for every client.


Keeping the system stable


cPanel wants to ensure that their new releases are stable enough to meet their demands in using the platform. The company knows that a slight inconsistency will be sufficient to bring the business out for a day, especially for host providers. Updates will keep the system running smoothly at all times while boosting stability as demanded by clients.


Fast installation procedures


People are after timeframes and schedules. They don’t want to waste their time as much as possible, especially in doing business. Version 11.36 is made to install 30% faster than earlier builds, a new feature cPanel users wish to experience. This means you can accomplish your cPanel tasks soon once this version has been installed in your server.


New component versions plus added support


Version 11.36 brings a new version of Perl through its 5.14 update, which is a breath of fresh air compared to the 5.8.8 version that current cPanel users employ in their systems.


Another support the Stable version 11.36 offers is the availability of Apache 2.4 support through EasyApache. This promotes added performance on hosting platform and extends utmost benefit for your business.


Longer EOL timeframe


Since you will use the newer version, you can expect it to stay available online before it reaches its anticipated End of Life. You won’t be surprised about your current cPanel system meeting its EOL the next day without you being prepared for migration.


Pushing 11.36 to stable tier gives you a lot of benefits worth celebrating, especially if you own a business that includes cPanel as an essential component. Anticipate the change and start migrating soon to receive these advantages.