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9/06/2013 – cPanel & WHM Meet your Needs

Posted by Jamison on 06 09 2013.

One of the good things about cPanel is its flexibility in meeting the needs of various cPanel users and experts. Most of the time, people only think that this platform is only designed for website owners with the goal of maintaining their webpages. However, many expert types work with cPanel according to their offered services and they need this system to work effectively for them.


Curious about who these experts are? Meet them and discover how cPanel is able to meet their specific requirements.


Website owners


cPanel serves as the gateway for web owners to access specific features necessary for website maintenance. This platform is tailored with easy to use features while add ons can also be integrated with the system, offering more functionalities that you will find valuable. Various add ons were designed to enhance cPanel operations, which result to improved website management procedures.


Aside from functionality, cPanel also incorporates multiple automation features dedicated for website owners. For example, turning automatic updates will install cPanel updates and security without the hassle of installing them manually, saving you time and effort in managing your webpage system.


Hosting providers


cPanel is also vital for host providers. Today, it’s no secret that more people engage to online businesses and other marketing procedures. Challenging the online market means the need for owning a website and getting a web host. Hosting providers can take advantage of cPanel &WHM in gaining more clients to hire their services.


cPanel, as a reputed brand in the online world, assures that using its system will greatly benefit their website management needs. Therefore, they tend to choose web hosts that offer cPanel with their plans. Web hosts can also offer other basic yet essential add ons for their clients, which cuts the time in finding recommended add ons for their servers.


Data centers


Data centers also play an important role in the entire process of managing a web hosting business though they work at the background. Improved services through cPanel makes it possible to lower down customer churn rate and result to improved services. Lesser support requirement will maximize both parties’ time accordingly.


System Administrators


System administrators must appropriately supervise their server sites and cPanel contributes to easy management procedures with its scripts working within the system. Imagine the number of APIs and EasyApache scripts that a system administrator can utilize for easy monitoring and server management. System administrators will experience the same timesaving features on server management with cPanel’s enhanced functionality.




Developers are the brains behind the programs utilized with cPanel platform. In order to see if their developed cPanel apps will work accordingly with your system, they must have access to developer resources first prior to application development. cPanel offers the most comprehensive documentations that serve as reference materials to aid developers work on their offered solutions.


Without a doubt, cPanel has many features that you can use to meet your specific need as a cPanel expert. This is regardless of your chosen profession and expertise in using this platform, giving way to improved management for your website or services for your clients.