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9/05/2013 – Common Challenges and Fixes in Using Installatron

Posted by Jamison on 05 09 2013.

Addons are the heart and soul of boosting functionality on cPanel. cPanel is already functional on its own because of its features but remember that you need various applications for your website and server to promote their benefits for you. Installatron is one of the finest addons you can use with cPanel today.


Installatron is an addon that install applications automatically with cPanel while promoting visual appeal among control panels. While bringing life to the control panel, it also extends added functionality that you need for your system or network.


Understanding Installatron fixes


It’s true that addons like Installatron works wonders in terms of meeting your needs. However, they can also show several inconsistencies that cause them to stop functioning as promise or as expected by clients. This emphasizes the importance of knowing some common problems encountered with Installatron as well as their fixes.


Examples of the usual issues include the following together with their respective fixes.


Connection problems between MySQL database, resulting to no file or directory


This problem is caused by miscommunication between the system and MySQL or the instance when the system can’t connect with this platform. To solve this problem, you need to specify socket value for MySQL through the destination /usr/local/installatron/etc/php.ini.


New application versions are missing


Applications are different from each other and some of them need PHP 5.3 or later version. Solving this problem is possible by upgrading to PHP 5.3 version and newer editions to ensure applications in your system will run accordingly. Set the updates accordingly on your platform and let it do its job.


Missing applications


You know the type of applications installed in cPanel but there are instances when you can’t find them in your system, particularly in the My Applications page. Most of the time, they may appear on this page, but are not immediately seen on the login page for users. This usually occurs  when user is transferred to a new server bearing another configurations compared to what the client had in the past. To solve this issue, you must add INSTALLID at the last part of the URL by using the user’s login.


Domain testing has failed


Installatron, unlike other addons, doesn’t need to resolve domains before running its operations. However, there are instances when Installatron needs to check possible misconfiguration in the domain that affects installed programs’ functionality. Solution includes checking /var/installatron/logs/fetch* log. This problem can be fixed by disabling server-wide testing, though this is not a recommended solution. Hence, experts stated to use server API solution instead of conducting the aforementioned solution.


An important point in fixing issues


Fixing Installatron issues can be quite confusing and require technical skills. Nevertheless, following guides accordingly will let you solve the issues without problems and start using your applications with ease.


Installatron may have these inconsistencies, but almost all addons also have their own issues due to some incidents occurring in the system. Now that you know these common issues, you can solve these problems properly and restore your applications’ functionality.


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