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9/04/2012 – One Year of Software Updates Available Now

Posted by Jamison on 04 09 2012.

Technology is a wonderful part of our business lives. There is almost nothing that any of us can do that does not involve the use of some technological wonder. Servers are comprised of components that contain millions of transistors and are able to provide users access to information at lightning speeds that was not possible even a few short years ago.


As with any invention, there is almost always a need to improve upon it. This is true with computer hardware and software, as it is with most any other invention. Hardware improvements or upgrades usually take some time to occur. This is largely due the lengthier development time for hardware components. Although software also has a development cycle, it normally does not require the same lengthy development time as does hardware.


The cPanel software has been in constant development for a number of years. Although there are full version releases every so often, there are also a number of periodic releases that occur between the full version releases. These are typically referred to as updates, patches, etc.


cPanel continually updates their software to improve features, to fix any bugs, and to add security improvements. These updates are released whenever cPanel has them ready and frequently occur throughout the year. These updates enhance your cPanel software installation and improve your overall experience with the product.


In order to provide our clients with the best product service possible, makes available one year of software updates for your One-Time Licenses for one set fee. When you purchase this update service, you will receive updates whenever cPanel makes updates available. This ensures that your cPanel installation of your One-Time License will remain current with the latest in software and security updates for one full year.


You can purchase your one year of software updates by logging into your account, or by clicking on the Order Now button on the cPanel Software Update page.


Get your One Year Software Update Here:
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