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9/03/2014 – cPanel Password Protected Directories

Posted by Jamison on 03 09 2014.

Think of your favourite brand, or of your favourite restaurant, or of your favourite retail shop. Note how each website has its own unique branding, layout and configuration that you surely love. Every website is designed to fit its market’s needs and desires to ensure that the business will grow. Notice how you spend time navigating through a website and how you click on interesting links or how you impulsively buy a product or avail of a service. This is how a good website works—you can enjoy its features and apps, while also making the decision to stay in the site and patronize the brand.


If you, yourself, want to build a website for your own business, you can get inspiration from these websites but the more important thing is knowing the processes and applications behind the website. Working with cPanel hosting service provider will give you the opportunity to enjoy the convenience and ease of managing a website. On top of its impressive and effective features and tools, you can also ensure the protection of your website with its security features. cPanel gives you the benefit of being able to thrive on good marketing strategies and the guarantee that your site is safe and protected from possible risks or threats.


Basically you can limit the access to specific resources of your website by protecting the directories wherein they are stored with a password. This is how helpful it can be when you password protect your directories. You simply have to choose the password protect directories icon in your cPanel main page. From there, you can see a list of the directories featured on your account.


This tool will require you a username and password so you can access a folder or a range of folders from the web. This will be very useful when you want to protect certain parts of your site and limit access. Simply choose the directory you want to restrict access to. In the new page, you have to create a username and password for your assigned under. Choose a name that will appear in the login screen. You need to click on the Save button so you can already activate the desired protection.


However, you should remember that protecting a folder also means protecting all folders within that folder. You need to create users that will have the access to the protected directory. You can also rename the password protected directory even though it has a different name with the actual directory.


There are other few things to remember before you can start protecting a directory. You have to make a directory first before you can facilitate a password protection for it. cPanel does not recommend that you use one and the same directory for password protection and FTP storage at the same time. Another important thing to highlight is that if you protect your webroot with a password, your website will not be displayed directly.


cPanel provides you with security options that you will find very useful. You just have to familiarize yourself with the directories and with the rules that apply whenever your enable a password.