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9/02/2014 – cPanel Hotlink Protection

Posted by Jamison on 02 09 2014.

Creating a website can be your expertise—choosing the right images, writing an effective copy, designing a good layout. However, website management does not stop there. More often than not, you need to know how to run your own website, how to maintain your account, or how to ensure that your account is safe and protected. You should also be able to protect the actual site from possible risks.


Choosing your hosting provider can also one be a challenging task if you are not familiar with the apps, features, and tools that you need. The best way to choose one is to figure out what most businesses would usually refer to and it would be cPanel. cPanel provides a wide selection of features and tools that you can use for your website. One of the highlights of using cPanel is that you just have to learn the basics and acquire the skills that will help you understand the top apps and tools that you will always need. Apart from the basic apps, you can also take advantage of its security features.


Maintain a website goes beyond ensuring that it looks good and attractive. You also need to protect it. Your site can have a great selection of images and files. This makes it easy for others to link to your images and display them on their own blogs or sites using the <IMG> tag. Others can do this type of stealing without you finding out about it. Worse is you will incur a significant bandwidth loss. This is how cPanel can help you with its hotlink protection. The hotlink protection will help you prevent other websites from linking to your files that you have specified. When a user visits the website that stole your image, it cannot load the pictures from your own pages. This is one of the ways on how the hotlink protection can limit the outbound traffic for your account.


Another way of hotlinking would be for a different website using HTML code so it will display an image for your site. Through this, the other website will use up your bandwidth quota.


Here is how you can use the hotlink protection tool. You simply have to click on the hotlink protection icon on cPanel’s main page and follow the detailed instructions. You can include the websites that you only want to have access to your files. You have the authority on whether you can allow your friends or colleagues to link to your images or banners.  At the very least, this allows you to protect your site from strangers using up your own bandwidth.


First, log in to cPanel, then select the HotLink protection option that you can find under the security panel. The default set up is that the hotlink protection is disabled. You have to activate it by simply clicking on the enable button. After creating a list of sites that you will allow to link to your site, you can see a new page with the file extensions doe which you requested protection. You can do this by simply providing a list of URLs inside the URLs to allow access box so you can enable only specified and restricted users to access your site. Apart from this, you also have to create a list of extensions to be separated by commas inside the Block direct access for these extensions box for those who you want to block from accessing your site.