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9/02/2013 – 4 Big-name Addons for Branding Your Webhosting Business

Posted by Jamison on 02 09 2013.

Branding is one of the essential factors that promote a business to a higher market status or level. All you need to see design elements like logos and colors and you will immediately have an idea what the brand is. This is also the same with webhosting


Why brand a web host?


Just like any other businesses, web host providers aim to promote their names in the market, which is possible through cPanel. cPanel works with numerous add ons that are designed specifically for improved branding. Web host owners are able to customize cPanel skins while adding customized logos as part of their business brand.


Branding a webhost is not limited to redesigning skins. A host provider promoting its business must also invest on a good website with attractive designs that bring people to work with their company.


With these facts taken into consideration, here are top four names that you can use if you wish to start a web hosting business with the help of cPanel add ons made for branding


RV Skins


RV Skin is the type of add on that you can use in customizing cPanel skin distributed to your clients. Gone are the days when you will simply incorporate the default cPanel design, which looks unappealing for today’s modern consumers. RV Skins offers functionality that breathes color to your cPanel, matching your brand or theme while offering new platform features for simple configuration.


RV SiteBuilder


As mentioned earlier, you must build your own website to promote your web hosting business. This page introduces your products and services and serves as the point of references for potential clients. Build a professionally appealing website that introduces your business in the industry through RV SiteBuilder.


Together with its sibling, RV Skins, RV SiteBuilder lets you build your website with ease using its revolutionary features that you won’t find in other site builders. Integrate this add on with cPanel and start creating your website fast even without extreme knowledge in webpage building.


Trendy Site Builder


Today, it’s common for people to be attracted to interactive websites. Trendy Site Builder lets you build flash websites right from scratch and still ensure quality final output that you can flaunt online.


The good thing about Trendy Site Builder is its ability to create a mobile version for your website, which adds up to your branding techniques and boost your business’ popularity.




Billing comes together in offering hosting services. ClientExec is one of the leading billing automation systems that you can use together with cPanel. You can customize this add on to generate bills according to your preference, leaving your brand’s lasting impression to clients. This may be a subtle way of branding your business but you can be assured of its positive effects for strengthening your presence online.


Webhost branding can be done through your cPanel skins, website and even billing procedures. Be sure to consider these highly acclaimed names and take advantage of their offered benefits and leave a lasting impression to your clients through branding.


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