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8/30/2013 – WHMSonic Releases v2.1.7 Update

Posted by Jamison on 30 08 2013.

WHMSonic helps website owners set a more interactive website through media. With the right plugin, website owners can take advantage of having an interactive website hosted in their own servers.


WHMSonic is one of the top performing plugins you can use with your cPanel system for server and website management. In order to provide remarkable benefit for users, its developers continue to offer updates to fix bugs and maximize its overall functionality.


WHMSonic v2.1.7 update


The new update offers new features that you’ll love to have, especially if your goal is make sure this plugin will function as promoted by its developers. New features include the following that will meet your needs.


  • Enhanced AAC+ FlashPlayer. Flash players are important for websites today, particularly for promotional means. However, being able to stream media files through the internet also requires users to meet specific server requirements like red5, wowza, rtmp and others. This plugin allows you to play AAC+ shoutcast stream with this remarkable player minus problematic requirements. Moreover, WHMSonic also allows users to download the player directly with the help of this plugin. Copyright texts or adding your own logo is also simple with this plugin update, which will help you manage your system with ease.


  • Playlist manager copy or duplicate song button. Adding sounds on ads will surely boost appeal or impression on the promotional material. V2.1.7 now allows users to copy music on the playlist manager. Songs can also be played on loop based on what you want with a single button.


  • JWPlayer AAC and support. JWPlayer can now play AAC+ without problems with the enhancement and support that comes with this component. Setting up a JWPlayer is also made easier with v2.1.7 update.


  • AAC+ FlashPlayer right on the cPanel WHMSonic main page. The player can be embedded on the main cPanel WHMSonic page and make client radios available together with a download link.


Enhancement and bug fixes


Enhancements and fixes are the primary reasons why developers give updates for its users. Here are some of the bug fixes and enhancements.


  • Starting and stopping the radio or the AutoDJ button have been repaired.


  • Special character issue, which causes issues right on the playlist or upload, were also fixed. This adds convenience for every user in the process.


  • WHMCS API issue where the function for terminating or suspending the radio doesn’t do the job. This issue is fixed so it will function without problems.


  • AutoDJ update required kept on randomly showing on the system. This problem can be annoying for user so WHMSonic fixed this issue.


  • WHMSonic root problem presents error message when new radio has been created even without problems. to keep users from worrying, WHMSonic addressed this issue for their business.


WHMSonic v2.1.7 is now a new update presented by its developers to address various issues and other requirements set by users. If you plan to use this plugin for your cPanel, it’s imperative to get this new WHMSonic update to ensure stability on your systems.


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