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8/29/2013 – cPanel Version 11.36 Moving Up the Release Tier Ladder

Posted by Jamison on 29 08 2013.

The era of change has always been evident in different industries in today’s modern world. As for the website and hosting industry, changes also occurred with the increased demands on their services including cPanel & WHM.


cPanel & WHM are systems used for managing servers and websites commonly used for businesses. Developers working for this company ensure to provide changes and updates to keep this system running perfectly at all times.


Version 11.36 news


Several months ago, cPanel released 11.36 as the newest version as part of the improvements they continue to promote for their client’s benefit. Continuous development resulted to its current status as it’s now in the Release tier.


What is the Release tier?


The Release tier is one of the four tiers cPanel experts use for developing and promoting new platforms for their clients. Its other tiers are Edge, Current and Stable.


Release is the tier defined as the recommended version with new features that have been tested to ensure functionality. Testers spent time testing its features to make sure they will work for users’ benefits in the future. By knowing that this version is already in this release, more cPanel users will get it for their systems to ensure they’ll benefit from the platform.


Version 11.36 in Edge and Current release


The developers already promoted version 11.36 for users when it’s still in its Edge and Current release tiers. During its time in these tiers, the new versions are still subjected to bug fixes since it’s still in the process of development. The Edge tier may still present a number of bugs that may cause issues to its users. They will still subject it to testing and solidify its build until they come up with the perfected version.


Just last month, version 11.36 was only in its Current release tier. Current is the tier that promotes the latest versions available for users who look for new cPanel & WHM functionality. However, it’s still different from the Release tier since it may still have some few bugs and some stability issues. Nevertheless, it’s something available for users who would like to discover what cPanel offers in these releases.


The promise of moving up to Release tier


Many people want to know what’s in it for them after knowing that version 11.36 is already at this tier. The primary benefit is that you’ll have a stable cPanel & WHM version that you can use for your website and server management but with new features that are not found in earlier versions.


People who will download this platform for the first time will get version 11.36 as the default platform available on the download tab. It means that clicking the download link will automatically give new users this version for server and website management.


If you’re looking forward to update your cPanel system, you can get the 11.36 version and use its features for these procedures. Its stability will ensure you’ll use it with ease and contribute to effective server-website management procedure that you’ve always wanted to achieve.